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  • bogfit bogfit Jul 28, 2012 3:04 PM Flag

    OT: Who will Repub. nominate 4 President?

    "Kelly McParland: Romney’s stumblebum London debut leaves even supporters distraught"

    All things considered won't some Republicans at least recognize what a political dud, "Mitt the Twit" is? I realize that the field for the nomination was pretty poor, but this guy? Who has to hide his tax returns? I got a feelin' that if Rommney wins the nomination the big buck contributors will fade away. I mean why throw good money after bad?


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    • Big bucks will fade if Romney is nominated?

      LOL, not hardly! For starters, it's way too late to nominate anyone else. Besides, the Romney puppet fits exactly the mold his bankster and industrial handlers want in that position. The Republican hierarchy would naturally be happier if he was more likeable to the sheeple, but his philosophy is perfect for their purposes. It would probably help his likeability if he didn't walk like he's got a corn cob stuck up his butt :)

    • Yeah, but look at the alternative. I mean he is an angel when compared to what we have. I say the heck with his tax return. At least he has earned what he made. I have not problem with his tax return.

    • It was similar for Jimmy Carter if I remember. It used to make my blood boil when people talked of his failed policies. The only thing they failed was to make their way into much of any legislation. In his case it was also conservative southern Democrats (boll weevils)that insured the downfall of his policy inititiatives.

    • " You do not wish to see the list of things Obama has screwed up in 3 years."

      No, you are wrong, I DO WISH to see a list of complaints, but I also ask that some slight effort is made to document the accusations. You find it burdensome to document your charges, well? If that's just too much trouble, ya' gotta expect people to remained unconvinced.

      Oh, yeah saying that those who merely disagree with your political opinions are "brain washed" has got to be the weakest argument one could ever offer as support for THEIR position.

      BTW - Since 99% of board members think you're "full of it" your opposition to Obama is actually appreciated. LOL


    • Most everything I wrote about Romney has been documented many times before. It would take at least three posting to post all the things about Obama. Not even worth doing. That has all been posted through the news media many time before too.

    • Johnny,

      The problem with your list is that mentioning his activities DOES NOT indicate the value of his record. For example:

      "In 1984, he co-founded Bain Capital, a private equity investment firm, one of the largest such firms in the United States."

      Now is that an positive or a negative? It would seem to depend on what Bain actually did while he was in charge, but those records are being withheld. He has an excuse for keeping those records private, some would say a "good" excuse, but simply listing that experience and then expecting us to just assume it was beneficial to society as a whole, which IMO should be the criteria for evaluating a person for the highest office in the land, is an insult to the intelligence of every voter in this country.

      And the same could be said for most, if not all of the Romney resume you copied from some HIDDEN source! LOL


    • "At a breakfast fund-raising event in Jerusalem Monday, Romney said he couldn’t help but notice the “dramatically stark difference in economic vitality” between Israel and “the areas managed by the Palestinian Authority,” and he concluded, “Culture makes all the difference.”

      No mention from the would-be US president of the trade and mobility restrictions that Israel maintains over the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza – restrictions that both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have said for years are key factors in hampering Palestinian economic growth.

      Palestinian leaders quickly blasted Romney’s “culture” comment as “racist” and added that he failed to take into account the impact of Israel’s tight grip on the Palestinian economy."


    • Oh he promised change. And we got change that we sure as heck did not need.

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