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  • sewells831 sewells831 Aug 5, 2012 4:38 AM Flag

    F2 makes high grade deposits list

    And comes in at #8 in the world.

    scroll down to the section that shows deposits by grade.

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    • sewells,
      There are 3 undeveloped deposits ahead of F2 on this list. One in Russia, one in Indonesia. No thanks.

      The Pretium mine looks good, but does not have the Archean rock upside potential.

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      • I think what we need to consider about F2 being ranked #8 is that RBY hasn't even defined a boundary for the deposit. I'm assuming its going to take years & years of drilling and producing to really understand what is in the ground. Being ranked #8, this early in the process, is just fine by me.

        Personally, I am thrilled with our new CEO, his knowledge of red lake and his mining experience is exactly what we need. Kido's to Adamson for stepping aside and bringing in such a qualified person to lead the company. While I still believe a buyout is the most likely outcome here, I for one would like to see the company stay independent and mine F2.

      • Oh, I think Pretium is going to work out just fine.

    • Excellent find, Sewells! This info is even more impressive when you consider the fact F2 probably has a much larger deposit than it's presently being given credit for. It would be interesting to see a comparative value analysis of RBY vs. the other high grade deposit holders on this list.

    • No I respect you for being long Rubicon. But your posting shows you to be plagued with doubts - for example you don't seem to understand that people trade a stock for all sorts of reasons - most quite normal. I own Rubicon, in fact I have told you this already possibly more than once. I don't have as many shares as you and am seriously down on my position but I hope to make a lot of money by holdimg well past production - a lot of money

    • GMM,
      Just ignore them. How anyone could take information like this and turn it negative is a mystery.

      Be right and sit tight.

    • It was a wonderful remark, bogfit, and I agree with your message wholeheartedly.

      I may only add that current depression in PM sector still makes some room (besides stock-specific factors) to have "fair value" higher than $3, imho. Frankly, I didn't run RBY numbers for my version of valuation for long time; it is a lower-risk investment anyway.

    • Well, you are right I didn't look at it in 2004. I only started looking at in late 2007. However, the drilling results are available on SEDAR going back for several years. Search on Sedar for Apollo Gold and you will find them. So, it's really not very hard to do the analysis, as it would have been done at the time, and see what I say was true.

      I'm sorry you screwed up on Apollo. But, if you hadn't been lazy, if you had run your own numbers on the drilling, you would have known it wasn't all that.

    • GMM,

      Inspire to become a gambler? that reminds me of a song..LOL...

      Looks like he gambled for sure....with a plastic surgeon....see what gambling done for him?LOL.


    • Let's see if I have this right now. You are telling me that if I go back and do some research on some unspecified year of Apollo drill results, that I will prove your otherwise totally unsubstantiated claim of completely clear and accurate analysis, of which you know of no particulars today as to date or findings or nuthin'? LOL That's funny!

      I sold out of Apollo when I found out the CEO lied about the business model and he gave away the Nevada operations that was to finance Black Fox exploration. That was a couple of years before you supposedly took a first look. Obviously, or to most reasonable people, there was no reason for "lazy" old me to "run your own numbers on the drilling" in 2007. Duh!

      And in case you missed it the first time, THE CEO LIED! If that sounds like I "screwed up", you know like tossing 27K on a hunch, well I'm not surprised you don't know the difference.


    • As usual, you miss the point. First, you basically accuse me of lying in my post and then you make it about what you did when. I know your ego is enormous but it's hardly germane to the point.

      The drill results at Black Fox NEVER indicated it was going to be a high nugget effect deposit. That's because the coefficient of variation NEVER was much above 125% range. I really don't care whether or when you sold or whether the CEO lied.

      Anyone who was running the numbers for themselves on the Black Fox drilling, at pretty much any point in the process after a fair bit of drilling was available, had all the info they needed to know that it wasn't going to be all that hot.

      Again, if you were taken in by the CEO lying, it's simply because you didn't run your own numbers on the drilling at the time, irrespective of what the CEO said or what some alleged pumper said on some message board.

    • If you said nothing it would be one thing but your posts show that you have a serious case of the jitters

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