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  • wolfman_jack_8830 wolfman_jack_8830 Nov 20, 2012 11:13 AM Flag

    Why is RBY so ugly?

    I haven't been able to understand why RBY's share price either languishes or drops when investor interest picks up. It's driven me crazy for years -- ever since McEwen dumped his 46M shares. Small investors/traders get discouraged after consistently losing money on this stock and one only has to look at the numbers to conclude short interest isn't the reason the share price has been so consistently dismal. As for McEwen's 46M shares, god only knows who the buyers of those shares were and how they might still be being used to manipulate today's share price. But that's a story for another day. For today, I've come to the conclusion the same people who are selling RBY's shares so cheaply are the same folks who are buying 'em. It's why there are always so many cheap shares flooding the ask price. If you are the biggest player in the float and actively buy and sell shares, you can easily manipulate the price, which I believe is why the share price is so stagnant. This same activity will continue until the owners of these shares reach the end game, which will be a lowball bid for the company. I also believe Rubicon's management could be aware of -- and possibly in on -- the manipulation of our share price. Not saying they are, but not saying they aren't. This appears to have been a very effective multi-year scam to separate small investors and traders from their shares. Still, I'm long and hoping justice will be served at some point, hopefully in the near future. Unfortunately for many of the hopeful but unfaithful, many smart investors won't get to share in the eventual reward. JMO and no proof to offer.

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