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  • wolfman_jack_8830 wolfman_jack_8830 Nov 26, 2012 10:29 AM Flag

    I know it's hard for everyone here to believe

    But I can only conclude after watching this stock trade day in and day out for several years, that criminal elements have taken over the share price and that David Adamson's control over the company is being directed by outside interests. One only needs to observe the continuous heavy-handed manipulation (the ask) of this stock for proof. The buyers of shares are the sellers and the sellers are buyers. These unidentified traders control McEwen's 46M shares, plus many more by this moment in time. At some point, RBY's share price will rise nicely, but only for the company's new owners. There will be a modest gain for shareholders of record when the deal is done (with Rubicon's blessing), but nowhere near the true value of what's in the ground at Red Lake. The property is being stolen on a daily basis. Disclaimer: I'm not accusing anyone of anything. The foregong is only my opinion and I can only offer daily trading patterns as proof. Some here have said we can't be being manipulated and have offered the similarity of trading with GDXJ or other stocks as proof. The fact that we're not being traded much higher than these other stocks should be proof in itself. If Rubicon controls as much gold at Red Lake as I believe is there, shareholders would get a better deal under Bernie Madoff. JMO as always and long this stock in hopes of getting a chincy double within two years, but nowhere near the real value. There's always the chance I could be wrong or that justice could prevail, at some point, but I wouldn't count on it.

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    • "If Rubicon controls as much gold at Red Lake as I believe is there..."

      I don't know if your estmate is accurate or not, but I do know that the market remains unconvinced. Remember - the market can stay illogical longer than you can remain solvent, even if you're right the market is wrong. I just feel sorry for those long term holders who have nothing to show, for not only their long wait, but for the tens or hundred of thousands in missed profits gained from other miners. That's like taking two losses on one investment!

      But they keep believing. Cursing those they blame for Rubicon's lack of sucess, insulting those who tried for the last couple years to warn them of the speculative nature of gold exploration, while at the same time honoring those whose hype, spin, and blue sky talked them into making too big an investment in Rubicon. Oh, speaking of the cheerleading section, I suspect the leaders got out long ago and left their followers holding the bag. Sure ain't the first time it's happened, you know!


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      • bogfit,

        Where have you been?LOL. Did you hear the news about RBY? It went below 3 today.LOL. I have held and held and continue. The land is fantastic, and the exploration team did a bang up job, but nothing can raise this price on up to where I think it should be. What?.....I didn't say 20 dollars.LOL. I feel like I am whistling in the wind, any more. I have been on this board for so many years now, and this price today words.LOL. The only hope I have left is that toni can win the lotto and buy out RBY. I can't do any handsprings, but I may invest in a nice bull horn to advertise.LOL. Have a great and all on this board.


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      • Bogfit - I agree with many of your words.

        Just don't be too smug.

        Life has a way of raining on YOUR parade when you least expect.

        Last night I saw two men at the restaurant in wheel chairs - one man was young, the other man was old.

        Just don't be too smug.


        P.S. - Regardless of the dismal share price, Rubicon did succeed in gold exploration. Show a little respect for their accomplishments. Without investors, it would have never happened !!!

    • wolfman,

      Would you please explain what you mean by "But I can only conclude after watching this stock trade day in and day out for several years, that criminal elements have taken over the share price and that David Adamson's control over the company is being directed by outside interests."

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    • "These unidentified traders control McEwen's 46M shares, plus many more by this moment in time". When did McEwen purchase 46 Million shares? Did I miss something?

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    • But, we have traded much better over the last year than has the GDXJ. Just overlay the GDXJ on RBY with the charts available here at Yahoo for the last year and you can see RBY's relative overperformance in relation to the GDXJ. Not only that but if you also overlay the GDX on the same chart you will find that RBY has outperformed both of these indexes while the GDX has outperformed the GDXJ.

      I'm sorry, if manipulation were present (to the downside) it would seem to me that RBY would be underperforming these two indexes.

      Now, that doesn't mean I think RBY is fairly valued because I don't. But, I chalk that up to the deposit being misunderstood by investors rather than to manipulation. I don't think anything will correct that until production proves the point.

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      • A few opinions:

        - I think the dismal share price is a reflection of three primary factors:
        1) manipulation & surpression of gold
        2) manipulation & surpression of gold stocks
        3) actions of Rubicon's management

        - I have no way of knowing the negative effect of naked shorting (illegal) on RBY/RMX.

        - I think Rubicon will be purchased by a member of the mining elite; the time frame is unknown by outsiders.

        - Until Rubicon is purchased by a member of the mining elite, the market masters will manipulate and surpress RBY/RMX.

        - If an investor can afford to stay the course with Rubicon, perhaps you will be rewarded with a double or triple.

        - I think it would be easier for many investors to achieve a double or a triple without the drama Rubicon/RBY/RMX offers.

        - I would not be suprised by more Rubicon dilution.

        - Rubicon represents a fantastic project in a fantastic location; the stock is graveyard dead - until some entity makes a move. Rubicon's management are not promoters.

        - Throw a dart at the Wall Street Journal and you may do better than RBY/RMX.

        - Is it any wonder that Ma and Pa investor have left the stock market ???

        - So sad that many Wall Street millionaires (market masters) lack decency. I have no desire to play in the same sand box.


    • Many would prefer to believe your theory than the more realistic possibility which is there is very little interest in RBY at this point and therefore the market has priced this sentiment accordingly. Management needs to own the responsibility.

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    • The answer may be as simple as-RBY doesn't have the gold you,we think they have.I don't discount manipulation JP Morgan and the Fed have proven that.

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      • dont think lalonde would come over from goldcorp if RBY doesnt have the gold it says it has, unless they just fired his #$%$! however, with the action in this stock the last 2yrs i ve been a holder,,,very impatient holder which most of you know i am from my previous posts, lol, if i could break even THIS second,,i d be gone and maybe catch you guys and gals down the golden road.

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