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  • sewells831 sewells831 Dec 6, 2012 2:29 PM Flag

    Share price

    If you look at RBY and GDXJ overlaid on the same chart, you see that, for the most part, as RBY moves so does GDXJ and vice versa. Very tightly correlated.

    If I've got the logic of the situation correct, either BOTH RBY and GDXJ are being manipulated in the same way at the same time or ... neither is being manipulated and it's just the market doing what it does.

    I think the latter conclusion is far, far more likely than the former.

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    • Sewells -- Maybe that's the Master closely correlate RBY's s/p with that of the GDXJ. But is Rubicon's value worth the same (percentagewise) as the composite price all stocks listed within the GDXJ. Is Rubicon really only worth the "average" of all those stocks? I think not. Easy to manipulate our share price down if the GDXJ is our model.

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      • Well, it gets worse than that for your manipulation theory. You can overlay the GDX on there too and it's also tightly correlated. Over the last year, the coefficient of correlation between RBY and GDXJ has been .8262 (very high) and the coefficient of correlation between RBY and GDX is even higher at .8741.

        As I said, it is far, far more likely that the phenomena you are trying to explain with your theory is just the market doing what it does than it is likely that someone is actively manipulating RBY to perform like the GDXJ but even more like the GDX.

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