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  • rockyreiss2 rockyreiss2 Feb 1, 2013 1:53 PM Flag

    Next 6 months

    It is clear now that past RBY management didn't have the ability to put a mine into production. Current management does have that ability. So based on LOW market price, the ability of current management to mine AND because GG has "their team" in control of RBY, GG has to act soon to buy RBY. If GG doesn't make a move within 6 months, I would say RBY Bulls like me have made a mistake, because GG will know what RBY has in the Red Lake ground and isn't interested.

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    • Go to the Exploration Partnerships page on GGs website. The amount of stuff they have going on in Red Lake is remarkable. They already have 7 (at least) joint ventures in Red Lake on top of what they own outright.

    • I agree with Sewells regarding Goldcorp and therefore disagree with RR, and it now seems Parks, ie. that Goldcorp has gold prospects coming out of its ears and therefore has no incentive to take a run at Rubicon, which explains the weakness of the SP because the Goldcorp factor is not seen as a likelyhood by the market. It follows that Rubicon is therefore seen to be going it alone.

      It's a bit like saying that the pyramids must have been build by visitors from outer space and the Egyptiians couldn't have done it themselves!

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    • I have asked IR past and present if GG was upset about RBY "stealing" 2 key Red Lake men from GG, and both said they didn't know and could only guess that GG was unhappy. Does anyone really believe that RBY management doesn't know GG's reaction? After all, the 2 men in question must know. Therefore, my guess is that GG is not unhappy. If this is correct, then GG must view them as NOT valuable employees OR their transfer to RBY is a part of a GG takeover.

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      • You are right. GG knows what they are doing. If there is gold there GG wants it. It is that plain and simple. It really does not matter how much gold they already have. It is human nature that these corporate CEO's are greedy.

      • I don't think the law of the excluded middle applies in this case. GG is a big company and I'm pretty sure they expect, like every other big company does, that senior, but not absolutely top tier, managers will move to other firms in order to advance their careers. That's how, in many cases, senior managers become part of the top tier management.

        But if the law of the excluded middle did apply, then your logic would be good.

      • March 15th tour of Ruby mine site, surprised at how little work is being done on surface. Spoke to motel operator where Ruby subtrades stay and he told me that the mill was put on hold, he was informed by subtrades. April 30th Mike lalonde is introduced as new incoming CEO as of June 1st. June 4th Anico eagle sells half interest in Ruby. June Mike Lalonde starts excavation of mill with that appears to be newly designed and bigger ( check November Operational update for pictures of previously designed mill)).
        Could it be that when David Adamson got the 200 mill financing Victory was conceded by GG and in turn installed Mike Lalonde in place with their ideas and to make sure they got carried out. I continue to ask myself why isn't this small miner going straight into mining as many of you. The plan set forward has the finger print of a major. It was pasted on to me that if Agnico Eagle owned this property" they would sink the shaft down to 1400 meters right away but understood the necessity to get into production and generate cash flow".

        Just my opinion but I think the deal is already done.
        Sorry for the pour grammar


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    • Wont let me post the text but IAG CEO came out today and spoke on the 2bil they have to spend on an aquisition, he also lists their criteria. Pretty interesting.

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    • I think there is a slim chance this group will ever do any production. Either they will be taken over by GG or sell out to someone else. GG is getting people in place to take it over.

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      • Johnson, as much as it pains me to say, your assessments in the past have turned out to be far more accurate that many and most on this board. We will see about your GG prediction but given the amount of mismanagement and stomach wrenching fumbling that have occurred in the last couple of years across the entire facet of RBY, I would not be surprised to see GG paying about $50 per oz they eventually mine from F2 and whatever else they may acquire from this debacle-in-progress.

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    • Well, I'd caution that we don't really know that the construction has been terribly mismanaged to date. I'd say it's a strong possibility given the chatter but.....

      I don't think GG is particularly interested in any more Red Lake exposure. They have enough gold already in Red Lake to keep their mill running for at least the next 20 to 25 years and simply vast tracts of claims in Red Lake to explore if they need more. There are a few kilometers of the trend between Red Lake complex and BCD/Couchenour that they are in a particularly strong position to explore now that quite a few tramway drill stations are available and more of those coming on line.

      I think the main reason GG isn't so interested in F2 is that they are pretty sure they have all the gold they can mine in any reasonable time frame already.

    • Or management who know how to mine are going to.

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