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  • califmale05 califmale05 Apr 14, 2013 3:36 PM Flag

    Timing, etc.

    The board has become very, very inactive and suspiciously quiet. There was a lot of cheer leading over the past few weeks and gosh darn it, RBY's timing has hurt shareholders again. Not only that, but we've learned again that the macro forces such as the Market, POG and sector rotation trump all, no matter how good news is or not. RBY has put itself in position or corner where it's almost imperative that the MRE and revised PEA must be stellar, bad news in this turbulent time would not bode well. The next few weeks should be very interesting from several different perspectives. Let's hope that RBY finally, finally gets it right with the MRE, but I'm not overly confident about it.

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    • Well, it's back to timing and the macro forces such as the Market and POG, again RBY's timing is just plain unlucky.

    • Ditto. Same observation: the RBY bd here has become unusually "quiet". Friday 4//12 RBY dropped 8% in one day. Yesterday, Monday 4/15 RBY dropped another 13% in one day. Today Tues 4/15, the day after the Boston terrorist attack, RBY right now is up 4%. Go figure!!!!

      You're right, RBY's "new PEA" announcement in late May/early June better be very encouraging news. If not, with this gold market crash, we stand a chance of seeing under a dollar. I've been holding 10K shrs @ $5.50 LONG for the last two years... kg

    • Califormale05, the PEA and revised potential resource report are scheduled to be released in late May or June according to RBY's most recent projection. June 1 is about 6 weeks down the road and the end of June would be 10 weeks. No one should be surprised if the data is released to the public in July as RBY has a habit of exceeding the time frame they project for the release of specific data.
      If you look at the April Presentation you will note that 90% of the 100,000 meteres (90,000 M) of core that was taken since the initial resource release was developmental in nature and meant to define existing resources while 10% or 10,000 meters of core was exploratory (deeper holes). It is doubtful if enough exploratory deep coring has occurred to generate any sort of resource for this 10,000 meters of coring unless these cores were in close proximity to one another.
      I previously speculated that resources would decrease by about 8% from the developmental core data but it could just as easily increase by 8%. The reason I speculate that resources decreased from the 90,000 meters of developmental coring since the last resource report is that if resources had increased, I think RBY would have released resource data a week or two ago..... now waiting for the PEA as one has to look at the whole to see the "picture"....


    • Amen to that. I not overly confident either. Where Rby is concerned I will believe good news only when it comes. I look for the worse and hope for the best.

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