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  • talktoomuch007 talktoomuch007 Jun 17, 2013 11:02 AM Flag

    OT......some that hold another stock

    Some post, here, about CGR. It is now trading at .27, and I think the bottom is going to drop out of it, sooner or later. This is just my thoughts, though, and I do not own it. I believe that maybe RBY might be able to take it, if prepared to, when it does hit the dirt. Could I be wrong, concerning this? Sure, I could be. If it does fall, then who will be there to grab it?LOL.

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    • GG gets 'em both if it wants two underwater cash sinkholes. JMHO

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      • clamdigger,

        You know I don't know much about mining and the works of it. I gathered a long time ago, just from me adding 1 and 1, that they don't know how to design a mine.......some thing like the shaft and provide the right support?LOL. Second is that it seems management lives a luxurious type of lifestyle and eats too many doughtnuts.LOL. I think we have enough talent, here at RBY, to do some thing with it, if nothing else but use their mill. say sinkhole and put our neighbor is the same sentence? I enjoyed that........yessirree......LOL.

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