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  • xtradersdotnet xtradersdotnet Jan 25, 2012 3:35 PM Flag

    Go Baby GO

    funny you mention TVIX i trade it all the time but in very very small batches, i pick up a bit more today as well, average cost 21

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    • me too but my average is 26, I didn't prepare for this rally and thought it would be done by now.WE NEED FEAR!!!

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      • aww it will happen i have been in the market for over 20 years, 80% of my holdings are long but the other 20% is things like tvix, tza qid ect..

        long term bull but like to make little money when it turns south. Just gotta be very careful in the 3x funds and not go "all in" this rally may have its footing though with the fed holding rates down, a 26 avg is not that bad in tvix but i would start to hold steady and just let it ride its self out, of course then you we are fighting a bit of decay with the 3x funds, and that is why you cant put that much in them as i am sure you are well aware of. i dont cost average until it goes down 5% or more and then its only fractional.


        I am long NUGT and KGC as well.

        The good thing about TVIX being so low is the lower it goes the easier it is to dollar cost in. for example try to dollar cost GOOGLE, it wont happen but if your cost is 26 right now and tvix is mid 17's wait till it gets to say the 15's by then fear should be building up or profit taking for the longs if you say (for example) double it 15 the your cost is 20 and we both know that TVIX can do 15 to 20 in a blink of an eye, you then put your sell limit at say 21, because if the vix goes up that much it has a big chance of coming back down thus TVIX goes from 21 back to 16, but at 21 you made a little bit and you are out ready to get back in at 16..

        that is how i trade the 3x funds, buy a decent size trade first time, if it goes my way sell make a profit, if not then let it drop big and dollar cost small lots till it stables, then once the rebound hit put in my sell limit to either break even or make a small amount.

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