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  • brotherz29 brotherz29 Nov 22, 2013 2:47 PM Flag

    next week you'r gonna wish you bought today

    back to 40

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    • Sorry, you appear to be COMPLETELY WRONG.

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      • i suppose yesterdays INFLOW over 8 million {{2x average}} into NUGT and ??? into GDX are all a bunch of ""completly wrong ""buyers that never bother reading these forums. GLD inflow sept 18th was 3x average when GLD was dropping bit of course they were all """completely wrong ""till guys like you heard and/or saw the charts after 2pm announcement and GLD went up 6 dollars and NUGT went up 21 dollars.I had money on the table then and many times before and since in NUGT and then same day in DUST ..Fools arent always rushing in where angels fear to tread..Good Lock

        Sentiment: Buy

    • I just sold GILD to buy more @32.xx to average my price down even more . 45 is probably the new 52week high for both DUST and NUGT since both were the same price yesterday at 37 PPS ..Think the ETF computer would just start figuring the losses and gains from 37 myself . Same as a 50 day moving average with regular stocks..So GDX has to go up 4 dollars for this to rise 12 dollars to 44PPS..That seems easy enough but any greater increase will most likely be in 2014.I figured GILD was done for the year anyways so put it in here at lowest price GDX has been in 5 years{{{according to CNBC}}..This should be a ""lock"" as people say at casino..Next week should be interesting.. Glad i not holding the high side inverse this weekend..That could give a person ulcers if some mid-east crisis developments causing GLD to rise.Happenned to me before in DUST back in sept. and took me two months just to break even in DUST by buying more shares to get my share price down then selling all shares at same time kust to make like 300 dollars..Been there done that and learned..Beware all 3x levered ETFs when there trading at the high-end like DUST is now with POG under 1250 the slightest upswing and those holding DUST will be the bag-holders of January futures market.. Guys like Eihorn who bought 9 million shares of GDX probably know whats happenning in the futures market as well..Silver futures allready higher..Good Lock

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