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  • snakecorleone snakecorleone Jul 1, 2008 10:43 AM Flag

    All these more for ya..


    Bidz didn't release news because they planned on buying back more stock and saw that the shorts were going to try and bring stock down again as they did after last earnings...

    They have a lot of buyback power and picking up shares below value makes the most sense. The only way they are going to kill the shorts out of this stock is by outsmarting them.

    Everytime they bring the stock down... the company buys back shares... they retire shares, which increase EPS with less shares... sure, there will not be an overnight affect, but long term, they will be able to increase shareholder long will this take... no knows for sure. One thing for will come one of these qtrs... if not... Bidz will just continue to increase buyback until they buy all their shares off the market and 8.00 each qtr after qtr.. lol... you follow me... this cycle with great earnings will eventually be eliminated.. the short attackers will eventually get over ran by a strong company...

    That's my take...

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