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  • larrykudlow2003 larrykudlow2003 Jun 28, 2013 1:27 AM Flag

    Looking for a new stock...

    Anyone know of a stock with no debt, small float, trading at a 11pe (less cash), and growing at 50% yoy? I would love to find one if any of you have any insight.

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    • One would need to know how to predict a stock will have numbers like these in the future. Buying today, it may not have any growth in the past. I have a couple guess's, but not ready to put them on a board yet. My last crop has grown nicely overall. Probably can't expect to get that lucky again. This one still has too far to go IMO to worry about replacing it.

      I also hope your buyout feeling is SILC buying someone!

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      • Agree, likely has a way to go if they meet their mid and long term goals....the midterm goal seems reasonable enough for me....I wonder what the long term goal is...500M maybe?...just a WAG....but a "midterm goal" implies the presence of a long-term goal....if Q4 approaches 25M we might see the realization of the mid-term next year....only thing that might put a damper on things is competition, but it appears that Silicom occupies a unique position as far as trust and IP protection...companies want to be assured, above all that their IP is protected and that their roadmaps don't show up on a foreign website...this trust is the key competitive advantage of SILC and I don't think it is easily replicated.....

    • check out HCI, afop. Both have great charts

    • You got me.....that's how I found SILC....same question on the F message board in 2006 or 2007. We've got a couple years to go IMO, if IF the Mkts/Economy does not head south again........and, I believe we are barely on the right side of a knife edge of going into another recession. We saw what happened when Ben picked a wrong word. IMO the FED can't end or Taper......then again it can't go on forever. EU is in serious trouble....China playing with their economy.....Obama and EPA attacking Oil Coal and Gas......Obamacare is a huge tax.......Paychex just said there is NO business creation......Moodys said that Govt Pensions(st/Local) are 52% underFunded......Top Line Growth for most companies are anemic relative to Bottom Line growth.....I HOPE we can get thru 2013.......maybe in 2014 we can buy SILC for 5.00/sh, of course in the Middle of another RECESSION.........BE NIMBLE......I am now 85% invest in my managed accounts. I expect to be not much more than 50% by 1/25/14

    • Take a look at Radcom. Might not meet are your criteria but it has tier 1 customers and best in class technology

    • This won't come up on too many PEG screens, although even the PEG calculated with the analyst projected 5 year growth of 15% still is reasonable although most likely not accurate.

      I think the P/E is slightly higher than you are showing but no I don't have any new stocks like that. I guess you are projecting out to about $2.36 using your P/E minus cash. If they earn $2 with about $8 in cash that would put the PE at 13. Either way, certainly not expensive.

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