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  • sl_hub sl_hub Jun 13, 2008 6:16 PM Flag

    About Time...Anyone Keep Track Of Our Losing Streak...?

    As reported we were up today...did anyone bother to keep track how many losing sessions in a row we've many losing seesions over the past 2 weeks total...???...Wow, how painfull was that! any rate hopefully we'll start to climb NORTH a bit back to a respectable level and recoupe some of the losses that some of us Newbies now have...Ouch!...glta!

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    • Well, guys it has not made any new has gone lower on a daily basis for the past week but at the same time, the sellers are now gone.
      The only reason to buy this stock would be JF good word and that's good enough for me. It has support at around 5.1-5.3 from the past rise up to 8. The dividend should be enough at this level to load up with the some of the dry powder I've been telling you to keep in storage. Just bought another 1,000 at 5.45 early this morning while Norway was showing weakness and then it just kept staying above that level. and finished here at 5.55. Just do the math on .55 per share and you know JF will make sure the divi will be there when that time of the next quarter comes around. Look at the chart and you can see the support. We will start an accumulation here for about a month and then up we go again. Enjoy the ride everyone. GO is the one to own at this price. And just wait for the next three years. You'll be playing with the "house's money" as they say in Vegas. Keep on Keepin' on(KOKO and mo!)

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      • No doubt Drake...Agree 110% that this is a stock that will pay for itself thru the divs...In fact if you hang with JF long enough and get in early enough its a common theme; that can be said for even FRO (several over there that have ZERO cost average on the YH board) for GO I am going to find an entry point that will lower my cost average I'm sure...glta JF longs and reap the rewards long term!

    • Funny you should mention that. Master minds work together. Yest I started keeping track of prices for GO and SDRL. Oh Happy Day. Barb

    • According to dailystocks as of 6/12/08: last 5 days it has made 1 new high and 5 new lows with a loss of 13.50%; for the last 20 days it has had 2 new highs and 12 new lows losing 33.08%

      Needless to say, it's finally nice to see some green. Will buy some when it gets to $6. GLTAL


    • SLUB Don't let anybody shake you off this Hot stock. Just Hang On and Collect the divi. I'd say Your Riding the Hotest stock On the Market. Good Luck to all.

    • No doubt that will happen, but it will be a while before we see $8 again. I bot more at 5.30, but I am also convinced that next week we will get below 5.30, if ffa rates don't hold here

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