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  • jacque2tite jacque2tite Feb 12, 2010 8:44 PM Flag

    4.00 by june or my name isnt....

    I stand by my call- and if you'd care to make it interesting I'd be more than pleased to fleece you.
    Don't bet against GO.

    Just look at the recent earnings-- stellar. This company is still printing money in the WORST shipping market!

    53 cents a share profit for
    a $1.70 stock price-- insane. Look at the cash mountain building quarter after quarter. They even state that if the SPOT market went to $ Zero-- with current contracts they still make money!Look
    at the fleet size and new build program-- they OWN the industry.

    You know what-- I'm tired of trying to teach you how to look at GO-- I own alot of GO. I'm going to continue to buy more at
    these stupid levels. When
    the divis start back up next quarter, you'll wish you were me.


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    • Ill never wish I was you, Your values and morals are skewed, and you are a liar. Not very good qualitys IMO!!!

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      • No one "owns and industry"...however I do think that a year, two or three from now there will be a lot of investors that had wished (or are kicking themselves) for not buying when it was at penny stock levels...Even if JF elected to pay .05c per qtr (.20c/annual) on 50,000 shares thats $10K...and we all suspect divs will be going up as per the companies statements that they want to return to div status...I'm not making any predictions but it appears GO has weathered the storm for now...

        As for posters with multiple aliases trying to conceal themselves, shame on you and your sock puppet...

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