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  • the_curse_football the_curse_football Aug 31, 2010 9:19 AM Flag

    PJ bids for Golden Ocean

    I'm happy with a nickel. Not only has GDOCF started paying dividends, they're also raising it each qtr. Have to look for the silver lining with this stock.

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    • I'm hoping and praying (as many long term holders are) for .10c on a sustained basis...That would really go a long way in helping to recoup some of the red we are suffering from...JF is the man with a plan, sure would be nice to get us up into the $2+ range...glta!

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      • I bought in early 08 and cost averaged down during the 08 crash.

        Currently I am above water, more so when factoring divi's.

        With the exception of the top performers (NMM,SFL,etc) the industry as a whole is still struggling but it's looking like the corner is near for many. With recent improvements GO is sitting about in the middle of the pack. Was a period there where they were on the bottom but the tide ( pun :) ) has turned.

        Overall I believe GO is currently positioned to justfiy holding it. I would actually consider adding more on a dip if it wasn't such a pain in the a$$ to purchase.

        Moving this off the pinkies and into a real ADR/ Exchange would be the biggest catalyst to the pps.