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  • sonsby3 sonsby3 May 8, 2006 7:46 AM Flag


    As Glenn said, while we do have more work to do, we are on solid financial footing. We generated more than $400 million in operating cash flow during the quarter. We have total cash of $4.5 billion including $3.6 billion of unrestricted cash -- the largest cash balance in the history of the company. We have limited debt payments in the near future and a modest capital spending requirement.

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    • No, now you are talking about me. And its those balls stuck to your ass from the shit, depressed mom can't handle THAT.

    • I thought I left you in a better home.

    • Everybody who seems to have gotten the boot it looks like wasn't well versed in the "Six Sigma" management protocols. It might be beter if they stopped hiring political cronies and hired ONLY seasoned managers. The guy who got the OPS/CARGO gig came from Atlas/Polar Air where he was the COO. Could be we might make a run at Freighters again since we messed it up so badly the last time! Even ALPA is on board with 747-400 Converted freighters since there are 23 we own still in storage, and out on Lease.

    • Osaw last night where gasoline prices could drop $.75 per Gallon due to oil prices easing before the summer by $10.00-12.00 per barrel.
      So what did the prices drop after that news??
      4 cents this morning from $3.29-3.25 for 87 octane. WOW! Will you look at that??

    • And if my grandmother had balls she'd be my grandfather.

      Stating on the obvious is pointless. You're more likely to see oil hit $100 than you are $60 and I wish you the best of luck passing on those costs to the customer. Comes a time when people just say that travelling isn't worth it.There are still too many seats in the air chasing too few asses.

      I still can't believe UA didn't hedge past Q1.

      On a side note, what do Airport Ops and Cargo have in common. Getting rid of an executive pay check is great, I'm all for it, but you're just setting up someone else for failure. Better still UA should look at all the useless middle managers that it has who've returned negative value to the firm by simply saving their jobs through bankruptcy and hire some qualified people who can run a business.

    • If only oil would back off a bit to 60

    • Then what are you complaining about?? You have that BECAUSE you're retired from United Right? And you're not using your BP6's on United either?? Then Good for you!! It can't work out any better for you!

    • We have total cash of $4.5 billion including $3.6 billion of unrestricted cash....
      Yeah, yeah, when UAL has so much cash.Why do retirees still have to pay for there flying.
      I have it in writing somewhere, that we can fly for FREE.
      Screw UA HELL...................

    • United creamed by high fuel prices, no hedges, poor planning.

      United going in the wrong direction (as usual).

      God, this was so predictable.

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      • they have hedged, the fuel prices were high, and the planning of things done,and things TO DO are going to cost money! you wail the standard refrain, "Woe is me". You might as well pull your bread if you think you're going to lose it. But it's going to take money to put this ship back upright as far as the cabin refirbs to the tune of $400M, and the major part of the restructuring is complete. But! If you can't stay for the party then we'll see you later ok?? Too many faint of heart turkeys around anyway. Might actually BE better if you left.