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  • caninefriend_2000 caninefriend_2000 Apr 5, 2007 4:29 PM Flag

    How to get Int. Saver mile awards

    Does anyone have a suggestion on how to actually obtain
    an International Saver award using UAL miles in Business
    or First class? I've been on their UAL's website for countless hours the past few weeks trying to get 2 seats to
    Europe for May/June and 2 to Australia for next January, with no luck. Obviously, these are peak seasons, but I've tried every route imaginable. There are also none on Star Alliance partners without absurd routings. One UAL rep (in the USA even) who was talkative said on some int. flights, no saver seats are 'ever' allocated for some int. flights. Even in economy, there are few if any saver awards available. Of course, every seat is available if one uses standard awards. They bombard you with offers to accumulate miles, and then make it virtually impossible to redeem anything but a standard award. What a scam. Tks in advance

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    • you need to book these flts the day they become available for sale which is 300 days. frequent flyers are savvy about this and you need to be at the computer during the time they becom available, especially on popular international routes. there are a lot of big time flyers who use their 100-150k miles per year on these trips to reward their spouses for all that they were away from home. these travelers know the ins and outs of the system. The moral to the story is plan ahead and grab the seats the second they beoome available or use your miles to take the family to Des Moines.

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      • Tks for the advice, and the humor, which is a must
        when dealing with UAL. The 'second' they become
        available is probably correct, given how few seats
        are actually allocated to saver awards on popular
        routes. At US$18M+ for a rt usa/australia first
        class seat next January, it's obvious why there are
        no saver seats allocated. (On some UAL flights I
        checked, it looked as though not one first class
        seat had been sold). I still think these mileage
        programs are for the most part, a scam on the

      • hahaha the last line's funny.

        Yes, book them early and you will surely get them. I know they are far better than Northwest in giving out award seats