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  • yardman1977 yardman1977 Jan 3, 2008 9:29 AM Flag

    Is this Dividend a Special Dividend?????

    ual is calling this a special dividend....i just read that for special dividends you have to be a stock holder on the payout date,,which is jan 23 for this the case here or can i buy stock before exdiv date and sell it on ex div date and still get the payout..thanks alot......

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    • the announcement was made on 12/7 and there was a pop - but day to day it was less than 2.15, and then the stock began to freefall from that point on. so was there additional information that caused the freefall from 42 to 32 (today)? I did not see any - as far as I'm concerned just based on the level of information that has been added ove the last month (not much) this is still a pretty good deal - even better than it was on 12/7 when the special dividend was announced. the "perfect" market types will say that the stock will immediately fall on opening of 12/7 - should be interesting to see.

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      • im thinking ill buy it 5 minutes before close on friday jan 4,,then sell it at the open on exdividend day jan 7....what im worried about is that the stock will gap lower by 2.15 on jan 7 to reflect the special dividend..if anyone has had any prior experience with dividend plays then please post...this one is particularly interesting because of the hugh 1 time payout of almost 7 percent of the stock price.....

    • Your statement is somewhat illogical in that once it was announced, the special dividend was priced into the stock, so whether you buy or sell the stock at this point is rather moot; you're buying a dollar for 4 quarters.

      From a technical standpoint, the payout will be made to all shareholders of record on 1/7/08 if I am not mistaken and the payment will be made on the 23rd.