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  • corelon500 corelon500 Oct 19, 2008 5:01 PM Flag

    tuesday OPEC meeting....


    Well,if they cut oil production by 1 millions barel a day;you know what you have to do:UAUA will drop at least 20-40% in the next 2-3 days..selling would be smart;and then buying again cheaper..
    the question is:do you think market will start selling by monday even before the conference?
    I'm so pissed they moved the OPEC conference from the 18th november to the 21th of october due to the falling price of oil...

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    • I sure hope so, because I want to buy UAUA and that will give me the momentary drop I need to get in.

    • howtoworkthemarksandfeds howtoworkthemarksandfeds Oct 19, 2008 10:52 PM Flag

      I will go with what oil does. I think that makes a tiny bit more sense.

      over and out.

    • howtoworkthemarksandfeds howtoworkthemarksandfeds Oct 19, 2008 10:51 PM Flag

      they decide, and their advisors decide, in order to avoid a total collapse of world economy, and oil at 10 a barrel,plus a big fat war, it is better to go the other way for some time?

      They cover their shorts and control oil prices to what threshhold? And hold it there for how long?

      Ahhhhh, very good questions these...

    • howtoworkthemarksandfeds howtoworkthemarksandfeds Oct 19, 2008 10:49 PM Flag

      That which bought and used it, is buying less and less, and using less and less.

      Its over. The administration in power now is to be REPLACED. The BS associated with it will wash away.

      Recessions are bad, yes, but the airlines offer a needed commodity and their existence is assured. We cannot have a nation such as ours with no airlines at all. Some will survive. Feds will bail some out. Many will fail or merge in.

      How does UAUA fit?

      I think $ 45 oil is a lock. And its not that far away.

      I think UAUA over 20 is a lock, also not far away.

      It will happen because the capacity, the cost of fuel and the demand will fit into an equation far more easily than when Oil is all over the fing place in terms of cost. You can model it, and project value.

      That is why the stock traded 40 million shares, and that is why the chart shows the stock at 15 not too long ago, breaking on oil peaking at 147. You can no longer model anything.

      The looming assured down turn in economy to a recession, or an awful long period of consolidation whatever you want to call it, does not assure airlines will loose money. On the contrary, wall street did not buy this up on the speculation that during a recession, this company will loose money like any other. The speculation is, oil will UTTERLY COLLAPSE and the airlines can model better, their fortunes and indeed, profit. Lenders will lend more easily as the risk associated with running an airline is different with oil at 45 and a trend established, than when hedge funds and administrations are tinkering with oil prices to benefit "whoever". All guages in the green, ready for takeoff, flaps flappin...

    • cutting production but sell less (because less demand) they still make less than they need even price maintains.