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  • system_architect_enterprise system_architect_enterprise Jan 14, 2009 11:06 AM Flag

    Meltdown courtesy of Pelosi/Obama

    It was the Democratic Congress that crushed us, make no mistake about it. Pelosi was the leader of the Democratic Congress, and now Obama is emerging as the new leader of the Democratic Party. No, it was not Nancy Pelosi who single-handedly did it, she had many partners in crime including Barney Frank who declared that "Every American should have a mortgage" whether they could pay for it or not. Many other examples too such as Senator Dodd and many others.

    Don't be a fool and think this financial crisis was just some mysterious accident. For the first 6 years of Bush's Presidency everything was fine. Right up until the time the Democrats took office. Go back and check it, use your own sources. History & facts don't lie.

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    • Kind of like our 2.5 trillion dollar war? Wake up idiot. Bush caused this whole thing.

    • No doubt some of what you say is true. What also seems true is that like many people on the political extreme, you are blinded by your ideology. Bush ran up the biggest deficit in our nations history. There is plenty of blame to go around, both on the side of democrats and republicans.

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      • It was not the political parties that caused the meltdown. It was the system and corporate greed that brought us to this point. In their never ending quest for more profits, corporate executives shipped manufacting jobs to cheaper labor overseas while they sat smugly at home sipping cocktails and planning more deals. So the manufacturing base is gone and we are left with a service economy that is withering on the vine as job losses snowball. And there are no more balloons left to inflate to keep things afloat.

    • Deadly combination: Add liberal needs to provide mortgages to the downtroden(should not have qualified for loans originally). Sprinkle in greedy bankers and wall streeters, then top off with an administration that DID NOT inforce the security laws and you end up with this mess.

      I for one would like to see the banks get aggresive with short sales to get the real estate market back on track. Get the loans performing at some level.