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  • newsonthewires2006 newsonthewires2006 Apr 27, 2007 6:32 PM Flag

    O'reilly cares nothing about consumers

    The company refuses to refund money on all installed parts even if you have your invoice. So I am out 119.00 on a new part that I never used. I for one will NEVER go to O'reilly Auto ever again. They take your money and your left with "smoke and mirrors " if you want to return an item.

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    • Look at the bright side, you've got a good spare handy if you think you need it again sometime.

    • Hey idiot, tell the whole story. They can't loan you parts to see if it will fix the problem & you take it back if it doesn't. DUH!

    • I dont know where you are shopping at, but as for the oreillys that i work at if you have a part that has never been instaled ,like a hard part well i would refund your money. And also as for electrical parts if you put it in and it did not fix the problem as long as the part is not hurt i would and will refund your money. Do you know what it is called (customer satisfaction)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • This is a common problem with DIY customers who try to fix their problems on the cheap by replacing parts until something fixes the problem. Why should auto parts stores be expected to take back installed parts any more than a clothing store should have to take back clothing that has been worn or a carpeting store take back carpeting that has been installed.

      If auto parts stores take back used or installed parts, they can't just throw them in the trash. The complaintant wants to bring back used parts, but I bet he would not accept previously installed parts if they were presented to him at the counter.

    • You don't explain why you removed the part that you want to return. Was it the wrong part or did it just not fix your problem. If the answer is the latter why would O'Reilly be responsible for your guessing. I have bought from O'Reilly for years and have never had them refuse a true warranty item.

    • davebyczek May 3, 2007 12:04 AM Flag

      Why did you install the part if you didn't need it??? It's not their job to "loan" you parts to see if it fixes your car. Why don't you let a professional fix your car since you don't have a clue!!

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      • Next they will ask why O'Reilly doesn't refund parts that was bought at Zone or Advanced because they might have the same brand.
        If O'Reilly returned every installed part that didn't fix a customer's problem do you really think the Manuf. would take the part back from O'Reilly? NO!!!! Who has to eat that part? O'Reilly, because you won't want to buy an instslled part and what do you think the Investors will say when their stock prices won't produce because of this loss?

        Look at it this way,try taking the milk back to the cow because you didn't use the whole gallon before it expired,it ain't going to happen!!! Besides it wasn't the cow's fault!!!

        Try to return a DVD for a cash refund after the seal has been broken, it ain't going to happen either.

    • Join the club brother. I haven't shopped O'Reilly for years for that exact reason. I have since been patronizing Autozone and have not had a problem yet. Autozone's pricing is consistently 10% to 22% cheaper in our market and O'Reilly has not even tried to compete. Plus Zone has more experienced and professional team members compared to O'Reilly. Sorry you had to learn the hard way. Good luck with Autozone. You'll find them a much better place.

    • If a part was installed I don't blame them. If they tried to sell me a part which had been installed I wouldn't buy it. I would go to a salvage yard if I wanted used parts. Parts stores won't even refund dealers if the part was installed. People can't just start changing parts till they finally find the problem. I ran a parts store for a long time & they did just what any parts store would do.

    • try going to a different store & make sure you talk to the manager directly,if no luck ask for the phone # to their customer service department.I have had the same problem,most stores are very helpful.some are not!!

    • O'reilly doesn't sale TEST parts.Is it their fault that you guessed wrong or changed your mind.If you were the next customer would you want to buy a USED part?

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