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  • tngood111 tngood111 Sep 22, 2009 3:44 PM Flag

    The momentum on this thing is incredible

    Ive said it before and Ill say it again, the fundamentals on HBI are not there at this price level. BUT, I took my $5 hit on it and took a small long position in my IRA to ride this long term.

    Short term this is an overpriced stock, but long term the possibilities ARE there.

    Happy trading, I lost a bit fighting this trend - lesson learned (that I kinda already knew - oh well). There is a very large short position on HBI, and if this trend continues upward, they too will cover and fuel this higher!

    NOT of fundamentals, simply speculators guesing incorrectly.

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    • Appreciate your honesty. Still short here and consider it overvalued, not by a huge amount but too soon to take a hit yet. Earnings around the corner, some movement likely in both directions before then. Even though HBI do have a habit of surprising to the upside on earnings or playing down expectations more likely

    • i too was wrong this time, and sold off early. However I would not go short, nor long at these levels. It may come down to 18 anytime. But as you rightfully said, the momentum is amazing.

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      • The momentum here COULD throw this through 25 or even higher (IMO).

        I bought 1/4 of what I had short this morning EXPECTING this to fall off (only because I covered..haha). BUT, I was wrong on the short and do like HBI over the long term - so I wont be so NERVOUS anymore. If it falls so be it.

        One thins IS certain - this will move one direction or the other. Momentum is strong, so I am risking 1/4 of what I had short and prepeared to buy if it falls (wouldnt THAT just be

        You can never really lose long term, but being short - well, I had a 3 month time horizion and it didnt work out....oh well.

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