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  • tngood111 tngood111 Oct 14, 2009 8:55 AM Flag

    ALL Aboard the earnings train...

    Think about it realistically...

    Id say 90% of all companies that have been affected by the recession will smash earnings estimates. The bars have been lowered, and all investors will see is "wow, things are getting better again". Still trillions sitting on the sidelines; not millions, not billions - TRILLIONS.

    My guess is the Dow breaks 10K by friday??? Mark it and print it! A move through 10 will quickly propel us to 10.5 to 10.8 by years end (IMO). Switching to a BUY rather than hold now

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    • Ok, and Ash ONE last thing for you to research, K?

      I bought 200 SHares of BBY in FIRST stock purchase at the ripe old age of 28.

      My HBI shares, I get the SAME feeling only now, I can afford a bit more. Its an underated stock that is simply NOT given credit.

      My other holdings I KNOW will too do as BBY has...WEN, HD, WIN...and thats all I am giing out for

      Cover your calls buddy - this thing is going to the moon in 10 years (IMO). Go out to YOUR area and look at the shelves. I BET you see the SAME thing I saw in Chicago and NOW Denver.

      A random sample that is not so random? I dumped PEP after my BBY purchase cause I got "tawked out" of it. Brand recognition carries a tremendous weight - lesson learned.

      Our management on HBI is promoting and cutting costs (though I dont fully agree on selling yarn bidness).

      Blue Horseshoe LOVES

    • Hey Good,
      At this point I hope I'm called away at 25! Look out 22 in the next three weeks. I think someone leaked 3rd quarter earnings already. If not, why would anyone be selling?

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      • Fear of being up too far too fast.

        I did my little "field trip" to Target and Walmart to check the HBI inventories. Compared to FOL, their shelf space is about even, but HBI is always half empty.

        I say earnings will be blown out of the water. If I am wrong, I do as I have done (that has SAVED me many times over on every stock ive owned that I am CONVINCED will not go bancrupt) - I buy more and wait it out. Averaging down works every time as long as the company stays in

        I dont think Hanes is going anywhere. In fact, I believe in 5 years this will have had one MAYBE two splits. Just my oppinion, but I was SO uncomfortable being short on this thing - It actually worked out best I took a solid "lick" in 3 months time to get back on the right side of this stock.

    • Yah man, that HBI is taking off. Market up 145 and HBI burps. Earnings in 2 weeks. I hope I'm wrong, but I think any and all good news is already baked into this souffle.

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