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  • slashnuts slashnuts Apr 23, 2013 11:40 AM Flag

    REX Is Infringing GERS Patents...

    The lawsuit is already cutting into REX's business. Strong Sell until REX stops stealing GERS' patented technology.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Blah blah, again with telling all of us how bad REX is. I see you doing the same on other boards such as VLO, PEIX, Sadly as I've asked many times before, any credible sources to back up your claim? I mean other than directing me to Investorshub where you are also trashing the company on the message boards there. You say do my due diligence, and I've contacted REX asking, I've done the research I can, and all I find is that 2 of the minority owned plants are in question but the equipment provider is handling the issue, not REX, since they provided the "infringing product".

      Since you are so nice to try and warn us all, why can't you be so nice to also point to publicly available information that we can all view to believe your claims? Until then, it sounds to me like someone just got burned by an investment in GERS and trying to get a pop in price by creating rumors of some additional law suits.

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      • Like a horse, I can lead you to the links but can't make you read them. Greenshift skunk blog is the best link for the latest up to date information on the court case REX is clearly losing.

        Keep in mind, ICM, REX's equipment supplier has indemnified way more producers than they can cover when summary judgement is ordered this summer. When ICM goes bankrupt, REX will be liable for damages since they are the ones using the infringing equipment, selling the illegally extracted oil, and own the infringing equipment. As Cardinal ethanol said, If ICM can't fully indemnifiy the company, they are liable for damages and may be forced to shut the oil systems down. That would be bad since GERS' patented oil extraction is what makes ethanol profitable these days.

        GERS' taught ICM how oil extraction works in 2004 and ICM stole the idea thinking GERS' wouldn't get the patents. Well they did. And like it or not, REX is openly infringing GERS' patents as they are not licensed. These means REX is ulitimately responsible for treble damages, 300% more than the normal royalty would've been.

        If you can read, go to GERS' news release about the significant ruling against ICM, REX's equipment supplier. ICM was wrong with what they told REX. The judge and the USPTO are backing GERS. In GERS' news release, you'll read the litigation is being expanded this year to include companies using the so called ICM "advanced oil" system.

        So get get back on the phone and ask REX what oil systems they installed in their two majority owned plants. That's right, REX is using the infringing advanced oil system at those plants. Don't shhot the messanger, I'm here to help investors here understand thid lawsuit and the risks of infringing GERS' patents and the liability to shareholders. You sir have more DD to do, you just have to be willing to do it. I am an expert on this subject.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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