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  • bbankonit bbankonit Jun 2, 2006 12:18 PM Flag

    Understand the Risk, boys and girls....

    then make an investment...most here have placed a bet!

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    • not giving facts just have 4 mastercards and got in at 40.30. have stop loss in right after I bought below it and may have to adjust them higher at say, 80.00 hopefully.
      Just bought this am some scc and put in stop loss below my entry point.
      good luck everyone.

    • Actually, I admit that I have been accidentally posting on two ids. I did not want to have my personal id used on this board so I created a profile. First time I've ever created one....evidently my personal id is the default and I keep forgetting to check it when I post.

      Why play "devil's advocate" and instead try to seek the facts to make an investment decision?

      Go to MA's website and check out their filings. They have been filing a 10K since 2003. Why file a 10k in 2003 when they came out with the decision in public to IPO in 2005?

      They bought Europay and the transaction fully closed in 2003. Europay would not have merged with MasterCard if they did not have a plan to go public. MasterCard had to provide them with a plan to go public to close the transaction. Unfortunately, I was not close to the deal but have heard from those that were that they could not have closed the acquisition without it. If MA did not acquire Europay, they would have a small inconsequental fraction of the business that they enjoy today throughout EMEA. Europay banks had tradeable shares and they did not want to lose that right to carry those assets on their books as well as see the enterprise being driven to innovate and be profitable by the market. I also think there was some EU influence as well.

      Since that acquisition, MasterCard has been creating shares for it's Members and reporting it's share value to them. At no time up until 2005 did anyone ever say they were going IPO for a litigation warchest.

      Don't believe me, read their 10k filings in "03 and "04.

      Who knows, maybe there is somebody who reads this board that can give us better facts.

    • Only fools rush in....

    • Enter a long position soon? You missed 8+ points already!!!

      Well, better late than never...

    • Of course, it was just a mistake that you responded to the wrong message, you wouldn't post under multiple IDs!!!!

      You are the one claiming Europay was the driver for the IPO, yet I should substaniate

      I know enough about this industry to that their are risk to their business model, what I do not know is how significant. I will not dismiss them as easily as you have.

      If you do not want to share yr EuroPay theory with the board, then that is your right....but what then are you doing here (a forum to share thoughts)? Looking for cheerleaders.

      BTW, now that options are trading it is more likely I will enter a long position soon.

    • The also have a much smaller transaction volume.

    • Why should I connect the dots for you? Bring some subtance to your claims first. My take on you is that you don't really know much about this industry or MA if you know nothing about Europay.

      You read the report from Morningstar....bring something to the table other than just echoing someone's 3 sentence take on the risks of owning MA.

    • And completely dismissing a potential lawsuit over your business practices which was the driver for going public and has street estimates in the billions makes for good conversation? Is the FX lawsuit 'pie in the sky' as well?

    • I'm starting to get tired of this conversation. The debit interchange suit and some pie in the sky lawsuit over the interchange model are two entirely different suits.

      The reason why merchants prevailed on the debit suit is because the associations priced interchange identically between debit and credit. Merchants successfully claimed this was an unfair practice because the risk for a debit transaction is far less than a credit transaction. Since risk mitigation practices at the merchant level were identical for both types of transactions, the merchants argued that they should pay less for debit because there is less exposure to loss for issuers.

      That makes sense to me as it did the courts.

      This did not challenge the current model of interchange fees paid to the issuer, transaction fees paid to the associations or the discount fees paid to acquiring banks.

      Would you please bring some real substance to your side of the conversation. Spreading FUD doesn't make for good discussion.

    • <<The only difference between these two companies is the fact that MA does not handle loans, and therefore no bad loan risks. However, MA does collect a portion of the earnings from the member banks. This actually makes MA superior than AXP.>>

      AXP make CONSIDERABLY more than $0.14 per swipe! Plus, given their target audience and business model, write downs on bad loans is significantly less than other card issuers!

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