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  • kminvestmentcap kminvestmentcap Jun 11, 2006 9:53 PM Flag

    The shorts are here

    There are two main reasons why a person wastes their time on Yahoo message boards. Its either because they either have a long or short position within a company.

    Last week, we underwent the "Bernanke panic". His speech sent the markets into a panic. At the same time, Jim Cramer started talking about Mastercard on his show Mad Money. This attracted a lot of short interest into this room.

    Some folks here entered into short positions on Mastercard believing that it was going to 37. Oh, not so. Its floor appears to be around 47-48 range actually. So now that their short thesis has been proven wrong, they dont want to cover for a loss.

    So they bring up every issue that is listed in the 10-K. Who are these people? Who knows. However, I do know the people that have purchased shares. One major hedge fund, Atticus Capital, has invested over $150,000,000 in this company. All of the senior management has purchased shares in this company. The first day the share price rose 18%. This stock would have gone into the 50s if it were not for the Bernanke panic. Finally, major publications such as Morningstar posted their seal of approval on their website giving a detail analysis of why you should long the stock.

    So who should I listen to for investment advice? A billion dollar hedge fund that has invested hundreds of millions of dollars into the company? The senior management of the company that has purchased millions of dollars in shares? Morningstar who has given me a thorough analysis of the company?

    or should I believe in some daytrader from the yahoo message board who reads aloud from the 10-k and probably is a 1000 shares short and has posted a loss?

    Come on guys just cover and write off the loss. As well, your investment advice is meaningless unless you disclose your position.

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    • Thanks. It is good to see inteligent response.

    • That is fine, I have not taken yours seriously for some time now....we are even.

    • I suspect margin costs are close to 9 or 10 percent for most brokerages. I deal with E-Trade and recently I saw a listing of charges by different firms. I wish I had made a copy of the comparisons, but as I recall, ET margin costs were 8.9% and interest paid on cash balances was 0.2%. When I saw that I eliminated margin completely because the market is dangerous at this time. I am trying to decide whether to leave any cash in my account at a measly interest rate or to withdraw it and put it into Vanguard's money market fund that pays 4.77% right now. A couple of years ago I had about a quarter million on margin but right now I don't want any margin. Expenses on the money are too high at this time. I feel a year or more will be needed before this funky market looks good again.

    • Well then I will not take your posts seriously then. You have not provided a reasonable explanation as to why you are here.

      It seems obvious that you are lurking and just looking to bash. Do yourself a favor and get back to your real work?

    • Yes, Yazoo board posts make up my entire research of a company....what are you here for? To pat each other on the back?

      My mistake was in thinking that anyone here was willing to go beyond cheerleading....

    • Boo Hoo.

      I am looking for an entry point, its a good thing the stock gapped up this mroning!

    • "I don't know about the rest but I like to analyze a stock before investing in it, call me old fashioned. The benefits of this business model are clear, its the risks that need more attention."

      So you'd post some messages on yahoo boards, get some responses, and then you will make your "informed decision" as to whether you should buy or not?

      I've never heard of "investors" getting a survey of public sentiment about a stock as a major factor of whether to invest or not.

    • Well I will not give your messages any consideration until I receive an explanation as to why you have decided to lurk on this message board. I dont believe you are an investor who is simply doing research.

      I can only conclude that you have a stake in this and want to see the stock go negative, short or paid basher.

      If you have concluded that Mastercard is not a good play, then why continue to post. Why not move on to another equity?

    • I use Interactive Brokers.

    • That is yr choice, but to read SEC docs written by lawyers over Federal Reserve white papers written by impartial CFAs is not adviseable.

      I am old enough to multi-task.

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