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  • ntl719 ntl719 Oct 23, 2007 1:36 PM Flag

    True, banks don't seem to have the

    greatest thinkers in the world running their trading.

    Most think their selling MA to take some profit is pretty
    stupid considering its dominance in the global mkt.

    But who are we to question their "expertise," were not
    paid 7 figures to lose money.

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    • banks always tend to sell their better quality assets and
      keep the less desirable entities-- somewhat of a mystery,
      but they all do it

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      • They are thinking short term.
        They want the biggest profit now so that is usually their best asset.
        But if they hold on to those and get rid of the bad ones, they will make more money in the future.
        Not many CEOs have long term strategy in mind or their "long term" is only 3-6 months out.
        They just want to make the quick buck by showing growth NOW.
        Get that big bonus and then worry about the company's future later.
        Companies with CEOs that got paid tons of money (and huge bonuses) while their company tanked:
        K-mart (got bought out by Sears).
        Home Depot
        and now Exxon.
        (soon to be...Citi's Chuck Prince)
        All these guys got kicked out at the end (except for Exxon).
        But they made huge amounts of money. What do they care.
        Talk about greed!

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