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  • eurosasa00 eurosasa00 Nov 15, 2007 1:58 PM Flag

    Lot of option activity! check inside if you want to MAKE MONEY!

    RIMM JAN 140 calls are trading at extreme high volume today. 11000+ traded. Everything else so far traded at 100-1300 trades.

    just throwing this one back at you folks. My option alert is showing this., so i want to share it with you all.

    I just got 30 calls (RIMM JAN 140) myself for 4.00!

    Also, i got more MA JAN 200 calls too!

    good luck folks, i am not telling you to buy, just telling you what i am seeing in my alert option trading platform!

    take care all, and good luck on your money making (short or long)

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    • Those that invested on this huge increase in volume, that i recommended, are now a bit richer.

      RIMM is going higher folks, like i said earlier too.
      120-125+ is coming soon.

      It was 102-104 when i sow the increase in volume and now RIMM is at 115+!

      Thanks again, and good luck on getting rich!

    • Some times you learn best by doing it.

      Just buy 1 JAN call (anything, or MA and pick whatever target price(JAN200-230), as long as MA move up, you will most likely profit) and buy it for 100-300$ and then let it profit(hopefully) and sell to close.

      So, lets say sometimes in december, MA is at 198. (you bought that call when MA was 182), that call will profit if you sell it in december. Dont wait to close to expiration to get rid of it. very risky!

      Once you just get an idea how its done, then you can start big. Thats how i started my first call trade.

      Over time, you will be able to tell how much will your stock be worth just by looking at option prices table. It takes experience.
      But, one way to do it is:

      just an EXAMPLE:
      Lets say RIMM is at 100$ (JAN 100 CALL is 10.0), but i have JAN 120 CALLS and payed 5.0. So you can almost guess that IF RIMM hits 120 in DECEMBER, your call will be worth around 10.0. But it depends on time. How much time is left before expiration and other market factors.

      You have to do one or two cheap trades (risk some money) to learn and see for yourself.
      There is no other way. Thats how i learned and it worked. I have my strategy that works and i am sticking with it.

    • Good job!!!!

    • Hey, what platform are you using that sends you an alert for high options activity?

      And by the way, I think RIMM is interesting too, after taking a dive. I think there could be opportunities for pops in a lot of tech that dove well below Moving Averages.

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      • I use SCOTTRADE ELITE for my option alert and stock trading.

        I have selected list of 25 to 40 stocks that are been observed on daily bases on option activity! I will browse through this stock mid day myself too and watch for unusual high volume in activity comparing to previous days!

        Lets say (ex)
        APRIL calls for MASTER CARD
        hit price///today volume///open interest

        This picture will alert me!

        This shows you that there is unusual activity with MA APRIL 200 calls. That day, volume is 40000 and all of the volume is open interest. (at the end of that trading day, OPEN INT is 45000).

        To me, this is a sign of some one coming in and buying a poop load of april 200 call of master card.

        Someone is coming and buying, expect MA to make a big move up soon!

        Thats exactly how i spotted RIMM option activity two days ago. JAN 140 call had 11616 volume and 12784 open interest.

        Then yesterday FAST MONEY PETE confirm that there was unusual activity with RIMM calls.

        bottom line: its easy, watch for extreme high volume in any given day and that all that volume is staying as OPEN INTEREST positions.

        thats my strategy. Worked well this year. Profited over 500,000k$ trading calls. (buying them 3-6 months out)!

        GOOD LUCK!


      you seen that!

      I posted that news 2 days before they did!

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      • Black berry PEARL coming out NOV 23rd.( on black friday)

        you know the following week (week after thankgiving) will be good for RIMM. The CNBC news say that RIMM sold over some ### of Pearls that weekend will send RIMM to 120-130 on nov26-30th.

        good luck.

        I am done posting about RIMM. I am probably annoying people on here.
        I am done with posting info on RIMM.

    • The total vol of Jan 140 is 557 -- where in the hell are you getting 11,000

    • I hope you are right, and MA will see $200 by January. With the market going as it is, I do not see this happening. I would say the only chance of seeing $200 is a FED cut at their next meeting, and it is not looking like the FED plans another cut. I am still long MA, though may sell and bank profits and look for a better reentry point later in the winter.

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      • When I calculate and estimate stock moves, i take fed cuts in consideration. I consider upgrades, last Q annoucement and how stock trades in this bad environment. Stock that took 20-35% beating and got upgraded are my targets (RIMM)

        RIMM hit 136 three weeks ago, but also got upgraded from 120 to 180 target! RIMM will hit 120 before Jan too.

        as far as,MA, itwill pass 200 few times before year end.

        Market is going back to 13700+ by year end!

        thats my estimate!


    • I admire your optimism're a dreamer, not good with this time you should buy ITM minimum ATM more expensive yes ,less chance to lose it all yes .140 for rimm????too far out ............MA .. january 200 ...too short of a time for the kind of market we are in. be wise with your money....better to spend a bit more now and put the chance of reward on your side for tomorrow. be realistic .good luck.

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      • My strategy has worked and thats what i am sticking with.
        I buy calls 3-6months out and then profit along the way!

        Earned over $550,000 this year in bad market.

        GOOG - got calls at 520-550, sold most around 650-720 (400,000k profit)
        MA- got calls when MA was between 120-150, profited big after 3Q announced.
        GRMN got in few days ago, to profit 50k today on the 15% up move. It is going higher!
        Now i still got RIMM and SIRI, I EXPECT them to move 10-25% up, in next month or so.
        I am also loaded with GS, C (april calls), which will pay off big in next 3-6 months!

        i posted on here and I was right on all of them.

        I made over half a million this year, so, i am guessing that i am doing something right.

        thanks for your concern, and good luck!

        take care!


      This is also reason i bought those calls yesterday. Only about 5 days ago. RIMM was upgraded to 180. Stock was 136 last week and now at 100. READ BELLOW! This is a nice chance to buy for long term.

      on 6 or 8 NOV RIMM WAS UPGRADED TO 180!

      Research In Motion: RBC Ups Target To $180
      Posted by Eric Savitz
      Research In Motion (RIMM) shares are getting a lift today from bullish comments by RBC Capital analyst Mike Abramsky, who repeated his Outperform rating and lifted his price target to $180, from $120. He also raised his EPS estimate for the February 2008 fiscal year to $2.23 from $2.16; more dramatically, he upped his �09 number to $3.80 from $3.36.

      Abramsky thinks the company is heading for a �massive holiday season,� driven by �accelerating momentum� for the Worldphone, Curve, 8800 and Pearl. He also thinks the shares could get a lift from the pending launches of CDMA and Pearl versions of the Curve 2. He contends competition from Apple�s (AAPL) iPhone and others in the smartphone sector are not slowing the company�s momentum.

      Abramsky says that with under 1% of the global handset market, the company has never been better positioned to capture share, given it now offers handsets in all wireless technologies and geographies to both business and consumer customers. He says the company�s pricing is in the sweet spot of wide consumer adoption. RIMM, he writes, only needs to hit 11%-15% smartphone market share - less than 2% of overall global handsets - to beat his newly raised outlook.

      RIMM this morning is up $5.36, or 4.1%, at $136.40.

    • I am happy you made some money too mfme10. I did as well with GS.

      I am here to share information, but you make your own decision on it. I am not telling anyone to buy it, I am just sharing information and giving my opinion.

      I am glad to hear that you made money too. We are here to share info and we all are here after same goal. And that is TO MAKE MONEY!

      so why not share all i know with my forum budies.

      Good luck in future hunting and I am just glad to hear that some of us are still making money in this bad market!

      good luck all,

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