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  • rhinowomanfromhell rhinowomanfromhell Jul 3, 2008 1:01 PM Flag

    Well, my July 300 calls are going to expire worthless

    Sure wish I had waited to make that purchase!

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    • I feel you man. I have 60 July 320 calls which are basically worth toilet paper right now. If I told you my average, you would puke. Lost a sh*tload on them. Anyway, who cares. Only money.

      FYI- With the grace of God MA turns violently up into earning announcement and maybe we can salvage something out of July but I highly doubt it. Unfortunately in this market, MA can only dissappoint. Even if they have blow out earnings which they will, market sentiment right now sucks. People will sell the spike immediately. AG sector has one last good run left into Potash earnings then i'm
      going HEAVY on puts. Aug/Sept 250's 260's. Thats where I will make my $ back. The sh*t that the AG sector is about to take I can smell already. One last run. Then a violent retracement. I will be there to capitalize off it. MA was an obvious short about a month ago but I was too stupid to stick to my plan. Now instead of making 100K I will lose 13K because this POS has no bottom. Not in this market. See you in the low 200's sooner than later. As long as the price of gas continues to squeeze the consumer, the market will continue to sell-off. MA included.

    • Yes all stocks go up and down. But MA is a profit machine! Where do you think it will be in 2 years or 3 years?? $400 - $500. Buy now with patience and profit beyond your wildest dreams. Who cares right now that it is low...only traders, investors know!

    • Cinci,
      MA beat but took a dive last summer.
      Was a great opportunity to get MA cheap.
      I bought Dec calls before they reported in Oct.
      Made 6X my money that day. I could have made 10X if I held for another day or two but didn't want to be greedy.

    • sorry to hear that. I have August 300...hope it gets there after earning so I can get my money back!

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