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  • deadbrokenow deadbrokenow Jan 3, 2013 8:20 AM Flag

    I sent in my MA payment today.

    I sent in my MA payment today. I gave them $15.00 and wished them a Happy New Year! I only owe them 11k. I owe Visa too. Next month I probably won't be able to pay either of them. My health insurance will get priority this year until I can no longer afford that. I've lost most of my savings in the stock market over the last 10 years. Buy and Hold is a lie by the way. Oh well, I've never missed a payment in my life. I didn't get bailed out. I'm one of the many millions thats never accounted for in the FEDS unemployment data. I've never collected unempoyment benefits (self-employed). I figure it shouldn't be a problem for MA. I'm sure Bernanke will take care of them too. The FED only helps banksters; who of course I will be paying for in taxes for years to come since I'm sure the retirement age will go to 72...... that is ONLY if I ever get the opportunity to get another real job. I'm 50, this blows. At least I didn't get caught up taking out a mortgage that I could not afford. I just caught up in the Wall Street pump and dump. There are millions out there like me. We are the invisible 99%. The fraudulent weekly jobless claims will be out soon. GLTA.

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    • You are doing all the wrong things.
      Max out your Visa and Mastercard and then stop paying them.
      When the Politicians can bankrupt the country why not you max out your credit?.

    • One more thing....I didn't use my Visa or Mastercard @ Christmas. I only have 2 credit cards to my name. I've never had more than a Mastercard and Visa. In fact I was unable to give anyone a gift this Christmas. Happy New Year Mr. Bernanke! Do you think if I sent Bernanke my (2) credit card bills he could pay them off for me @ 0.%?

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