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  • RONVGA RONVGA Jan 15, 2005 10:00 AM Flag

    Understanding the MMs

    I am in at .51 and I'll tell you why...ICOR does not want to be delisted so they are building a couple good releases and then are going to release them within a couple days of each other (I'll bet at least one comes out this week). At which time the MM's will overinflate this to draw in as much money as they possibly can (I'm thinking low to mid 4's proabably). Of course this will be highly overvalue the company and then the MM's will pull the rug out from under and drop this back down to slightly above or below 1. This is why the MM's (Market Makers) are often refered to as Market Manipulators. Enjoy the ride, I'm buckled up just start getting nervous when we reach three. I do know the release is going to be huge so it will be fun for awhile.

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    • The only way this stock will see the 4,s will be a reverse stock split @ 8 to 1. The way in which you speak tells me this is your first foray into the stock market. You have much to learn.

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      • I actually said I'd be out in the low 3's and that frenzy could easily push this to the 4 level which I to think is overbought. With that said, I'll let the future speak for itself. I really really hope you haven't taken a short position because big money is getting ready to come in to the market and medical small caps are a huge play. This stock has seen good accumulation for the last month and a half, do you really think that every buyer that has recently come into this stock, and is holding, is "new to the market" and has "alot to learn"....hold on tight and keep that cover close. Sounds like you are calling .50 for a 4 month play and I am calling's see who gets closer. If you want to go a case of beer on a side bet, Sam Adams will work just fine for me.

    • RONVGA;

      <The MM's will overinflate this to draw in as much money as they possibly can (I'm thinking low to mid 4's probably) Duhh hello, are you saying that ICOR shares will suddenly increase in price by 600% all because of a mm trick? incredible! I thought I had heard it all, now I'm sure I have, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!

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      • No, that isn't what I said, I said that news will push this over one, then you have a short squeeze that will push this to the mid ones and then the frenzy for a quick buck will drive this to the low to mid 4's, which if you don't think they do just look at histories on SCON XING and a myriad of others that went up over a 1000 percent overnight and right back down. However, we'll see who's right but if you think that this stock in a rising market with traders craving to look for cheap stocks to ride up for a 2-300 percent gain will stay in the 50 cent range for long then I've seen it all.

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