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  • nunthia nunthia Jun 29, 2011 6:43 PM Flag

    No Traction/Momentum

    seems like some of these BDC's are having trouble holding up in value.

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    • For sure, PSEC has had trouble, of late (last 2 months), holding up it's price. It has lost over 20% of it's market capitalization in such a short period of time. What is worrisome to me, is that the general market indices have been up, and PSEC has been down. I ask, rhetorically, what happens, to the price of PSEC stock, if the general market indices go down, from here? The "other" BDC stocks, have risen in price, with the general market averages, so if the general market goes down, the "other" BDC stocks will go down, but the price decline will/would be from a higher starting price. Conversely, PSEC would also go down, in price, but from a "lower" starting price (since it did not participate in going higher in price, concurrently with the general market indices).

      So...unless PSEC's stock price defies the general market averages and goes up in price, irrespective of the general market indices, it may be a rough ride, for a while.

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