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  • nunthia nunthia Dec 5, 2012 1:30 PM Flag

    stock price

    what good does it do to get dividends when the stock price keeps going down. We have gone from 12 to 10.37 so far with no bottom in sight.

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    • The good that it does is that you receive a regular dividend. That is the safety of dividend stocks.
      When the market drops(all stocks drop) The hope is that the divvy stock drops less, as it's yield rises with a descending price and that brings in buyers.

      The big drop of PSEC had to do with the new offering they made. But, that money will be put to work making more money, a future plus..
      That was followed by a big insider purchase. My opinion is that this is a good investment.

      More info in the Ya#oo Gr0up "incometolive"

    • You have to forgive my asking, what exactly is your investment strategy and do you want to see PSEC going up or coming down?

      According to one of your previous messages, you said you bought some PSEC shares at 10.37, only sold them on the same day at 10.29. Does that mean you tried to BUY HIGH and SELL LOW.

      Now you are complaining that PSEC will continue to drop, it seems that will be great news to you, since you can buy it back cheaper, right? But you appear to be griping? Why?

      Just wonder.

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