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  • jadelover8888888888 jadelover8888888888 Jan 30, 2013 8:45 PM Flag

    Ancient Chinese Proverb

    When the wind of change blows, some build walls, while others build windmills. I have come here not as adversary to Longs but as friend. I am anti-pumper that just can hope to help a few on the way.The market can be so scary and has crushed many including me an my wife. A few years back I invested in all 37 BDC portfolio companies in my wifes IRA. At first it went up, then down then up then back down. My stomach hurt so bad so I sold everything and cried. The second I sold I decided to buy some fixed income utility stocks. Oddly they also went up , then down then up then down. I was once again fooled by the enthusiasm of the yahoo message boards and chose to sell.

    My mission in life is to simply re post all the information so nobody gets hurt. If I can save one person from the evil stock pumpers , well sirs I have accomplished my life goal.



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    • Yes, buying high and selling low is not a great strategy. You obviously invested in something that you didn't have the risk tolerance for.

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      • Buying HIGH and selling low is actually an acceptable strategy if you believe a good stock is on a downward trend due to known reasons but will bounce back shortly, therefore, you will sell it to cut your losses and then buy it back later at lower prices. Example: AUY, SLW, OXY....Of course you can also buy options to protect your profit. Some time knowing when to sell and cut losses is acutally as important if not more important than knowing when to buy. Of course, try to time the market will be foolhardy. However, holding any stocks that are being traded above their fair market value are more stupid. You must understand why the stock market has been rallied lately.

        If you believe PSEC has peaked out and is now being traded way above its fair market value and will drop shortly and you have tons of it, so even if it drops 5% it will have a great impact on your portfolio, it would be very foolish to just sit there saying, "Yes, buying high and selling low is not a great strategy." On the other side, if you bought PSEC dirt cheap and you have piles of cash reserve, you should then just sit it out and buy more of it if it drops. That simply

        All of these people talked very BIG here and often bragged about their high tolearnce of risk. We will see how high it is when they see their beloved stock such as PSEC dropping everyday, like a pitless bottom. Talk is very very cheap. Had you ever lost a large amount of MONEY? I had. Even one of the most successful investors, Jim Rogers, said it would be better to lose 50k when one was young than losing 5M when one was old. He once lost everything he had when he was young, learned his lesson, made back his money and retired at the tender age of 37.

    • "Ignore User" jadelover8888888888

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    • I should take imitation as a form of flattery, since this guy (with TEN 8 after jadelover comparing with mine with only EIGHT 8) tried to imitate me so bad that he even called himself Jade. I guess he must be Jade, Jr. or my turtle son. The sad part is I really expect him to share some ancient Chinese ancient wisdom with all of us here by quoting a Chinese proverb and yet he failed us miserably. In short, copying can only get you so far. Well, my wife's account did achieve a 20% return in last year and mine not as good, but still good enough for me to achieve my investment goals. The friend whose ROTH IRA account I have been helping to manage and in which I sold half of her PSEC shares recently to take profit, had just gone up 3K last month. So far, her 35K (including 12K that was added later) was turned into 72K in 3.5 years. Of course, she was extremely lucky, buying and selling the right stocks at the right time. 2013, starting with the Year of Snake beginning on February 10, 2013 will be a completely different story. Today, I could not find one single LONG stock to buy because they were all overpriced. I ended up buying both QID and DXD for insurance. I also put in bracketed sell orders for both short ETFs with hidden high/low stops so I will be protected no matter what direction this market is going. Please allow me to share an ancient global investor wisdom with my turtle son and all of you:

      Buy LOW and sell HIGH. (The Bejamin Graham school followers do not believe you should buy any stocks unless they are 40% below their fair market values)

      If you believe the current rally can continue in 2013, then you should consider changing your name because even Cramer is now recommending his viewers to take profit. May be you should call yourself Cramer, Junior? LOL

      The real Jade (jadelover88888888)

    • you should not be in annuities...

    • Jade,

      Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.

      Please keep your messages focused and precise -- your blatherings about macro trends are uneducated and frequently wrong. Sorry about your family losses. I have encountered some recently and it is painful. I believe you have a good heart, but giving advice is not such a great thing from your perspective [not able to time the market].

      Good luck!

    • also modern proverb: he who fart in church sit in own phew.

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    • Jade, you are truly a troll and a fool. You have added nothing in particular to Prospect Capital Yahoo message boards. Go crawl back under a rock with you multiple aliases.

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    • Your a #$%$ anyone that would follw you would lose money!!

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    • on the other side of this is me. by listening and acting on "antipumper" advice such as yours i have lost out on millions. the latest being nexflix which i bought for 60/share and sold for 59. yes, in the real world there are those of us who can only do so much due diligence so we look for sentiment among what we percieve as honest posters on message boards. another i remember is buying harley davidson at 11.00 then reading the message boards and selling for a mini profit. you are not doing anybody any favors here jade. i have paid for my education in investing and your kind holds no credibility anymore. please do us all a big favor and post on some other board as you must be short selling other stocks besides psec.

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