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  • klr2003hombre klr2003hombre Feb 7, 2013 12:46 PM Flag

    War is expensive, if you start one you have to pay

    Asia Times Online - Paying the bin Laden tax

    “Bin Laden, of course, is long dead, but his was the 9/11 spark that, in the hands of George W Bush and his top officials, helped turn this country into a lockdown state and first set significant portions of the Greater Middle East aflame. In that sense, bin Laden has been thriving in Washington ever since, and no commando raid in Pakistan or elsewhere has a chance of doing him in.

    Since the al-Qaeda leader was aware of the relative powerlessness of his organization and its hundreds or, in its heyday, perhaps thousands of active followers, his urge was to defeat the US by provoking its leaders into treasury-draining wars in the Greater Middle East. In his world, it was thought that such a set of involvements - and the “homeland” security down payments that went with them - could bleed the richest, most powerful nation on the planet dry. In this, he and his associates, imitators, and wannabes were reasonably canny. The bin Laden tax, including that $120 million for Inauguration Day, has proved heavy indeed.

    In the meantime, he - and 9/11 as it entered the American psyche - helped facilitate the locking down of this society in ways that should unnerve us all. The resulting United States of Fear has since engaged in two disastrous more-than-trillion dollar wars and a “Global War on Terror” that shows no sign of ending in our lifetime. (See Yemen, Pakistan, and Mali.) It has also funded the supersized growth of a labyrinthine intelligence bureaucracy; that post-9/11 creation, the Department of Homeland Security, and, of course, the Pentagon and the US military, including the special operations forces, an ever-expanding secret military elite cocooned within it.”

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    • yes but Obama has continued it after promising in his first campaign that the day he was inaugurated we would begin pullout and more are dying than under bush and we don't hear a word about it and we are spending more than ever on all of Obama's wars.

    • And let there be no doubt…This was all “BUSH”….The bad #$%$ Decider….

      Run from him all you like neo’s and the rest of you republicans…. Pivot off all you want but you own this lock-stock & barrel….

      You were riding high in the saddle with your ten gallon hat 2000-2008 now weren’t you…Now, the music has stopped and the back-biting is in full swing….

      You tried to shed your skin and morph into the “tea-party” and that didn’t work now did it…Elections have consequences…What you were blind to see is that it was going to be a death blow…Bye-Bye….

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