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  • powderdayfortad powderdayfortad Feb 8, 2013 1:29 PM Flag

    Where's the Oracle Jade?

    Come back and play, or are you too busy playing advisement broker today on the AINV boards?

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    • some of his posts have disappeared like the one "even people that know Prospect seem to miss" where he states asset value would double but it was up only one percent which was due to his not using the true number of shares out because yahoo had not updated, no one could double asset value in one quarter, lol, very naive. how he got yahoo to remove that post is beyond me.

    • Why should I waste my time on your pumpers now I have my turtle son, Jade Jr. spoke in may absence?

      Unlike all of you are who so happy with holding on one stock and said its praise everyday, I have been busy buying "undervalued" BDCs. Yes, AINV was one since it was sold below its recent NAV of 8.14. If you do not buy BDCs when it tanked, when should you buy it? I already pocketed profit on AINV. I am not greedy like most of you.

      If you indeed want to learn some wisdom from me, these are from my post in FSC board today:

      "This market has become more and more temperamental and unpredictable. Any rumors or news will either drive it up or pull it down. Recently investors had started dumping HYV and JNK, junk bond funds, this is usually an early indicator of a market going south. However, XLF (financial select sector SPDR) is still going strong and had just reached its 12-mo high of 17.67 yesterday. That means that there will still be some legs left for this rally, just like Wayne had predicted. Watching all of these CEFs and VIX closely, if HYV, JNK and XLF start tanking and VIX rises rapidly, it may indicate a market correction may be imminent. Wayne did not believe such correction will be greater than 5% but I am not as optimistic."

      "I believe if there is a correction, there may be panic everywhere and frightening investors will start selling without thinking because right now many small investors had started entering the stock market due to fear of missing a rally and because of low yields. Many of them absolutely had no clue on the risks of many of the stocks they bought and they will get burnt when there is a correction because they will sell them due to fear. I have seen how volatile some of the stocks (e.g. AINV, COH, AMZN and even AAPL) had become and this is like a gambler's market. Many large funds had already started taking profit by selling even stocks such as AAPL on last December."

      Of course, I am not going to share my stocks with you for free any more. You are on your own. Keep buying PSEC, well, even gamblers will win some time.

    • Oh he is here playing his three other online persona's. Hey imagine this , this guy Jade, he wakes up "wrong" lol

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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