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  • jadelover888888888 jadelover888888888 Feb 25, 2013 2:29 PM Flag

    In the next few days

    it will separate the men from the boys, the real investors from the copy cats. Don't tell me it was not frightening to see your favorite stocks kept free falling because it was. Therefore, if you really feel strong about longing your favorite stocks including PSEC, you better have a lot of convictions because a lot of savvy investors and large hedge funds will start shorting the heck out of many of these stocks including PSEC. I actually heard they talked about this earlier in CNBC. There had been a lot of shorts on PSEC and will be interested to see how it fares when we approach closer to Sequester. I actually believe they would once come to a 11th hour agreement on extending Sequester, kicking the can down the road, possibly to the end of 2014. The biggest fear would be what Bernake would say again (tomorrow?), whenever he opens his mouth, seems the market just tanks. Or up? So this week will be full of excitement for many of you especially those who hold tons of it and bought it at above $11. Wow, I feel for you.

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    • It's in the best interest of the government to have market selloffs. They NEED the tax revenues.

      This fell to the $7's to no fault of it's own a couple years ago. There's no reason that we can't visit the mid $9's again shortly.

    • you are nuts,

    • Why do you have to post with various Yahoo ID's Donkey Clown? It shows lack of character and weakness on your behalf. Yeah it is unfortunate that markets are manipulated , but it may offer an opportune time as well, of which you will never prosper due to your ineptitude.

    • People write nice things to you , and this is your follow up? More fear, more fear, more gloating, more of the same ole ****bravado. You do not have skin in the game so why do you post here? Never trust a poster with ZERO invested in the equity he portends to be all knowing.

      Sad you are so fat headed

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Criminal: Once a criminal, always a criminal? Grow up. You have skins? What kind, how many shares of PSEC do you have? When PSEC starts dropping to below $10 a share (it will, sooner or later), we will see if you are still here talking. You certainly have no understanding of how risky the stock market has become. It is not even a fair playing field any more with BIG sharks like you swimming around, encouraged more and more people to buy PSEC without letting them know of its risk. It currently has about 1 billion dollars (let me repeat, 1 billion dollars, that is 12 zero following the 1, or 1000M) of outstanding convertible notes. that means every six months, PSEC has to cough up enough money to pay the interest for these secured and unsecured convertible notes plus they have to pay you your 12% dividends monthly. If your wish come true and PSEC started rising to above $12, some or most of these convertibles notes will be converted into common shares, bingo, now they will start collecting a 11-12% dividends just like you. Getting excited? That is why they do not have a lot of free cash left anywhere. For them to keep making enough money to pay all these notes and their high dividends, they will have to raise more capital or borrow them and make more risky investments. When things do not look great, what will happen? I believe there would be more and more people shorting PSEC if its price continues to go up. I actually believe unless the Sequest can be solved by this Friday or shortly, you would definitely see PSEC dropped below $11 again and its chance of falling all the way to below $10.50 is also quite good. So you can start screaming and screaming, but we will see what will happen to you when you portfolio dropped 10%. I honestly do not believe you own that many PSEC shares any way. The ones who talked the loudest usually DO NOT have a lot of skin in any stocks (just like me, LOL). You need to start watching Cramer, at least he is a bit smarter than you, again LOL.

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