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  • id39a id39a Mar 13, 2013 4:08 PM Flag

    "De Jade Vu" 2013?

    No, it's "De Jade vu" ad nauseam.

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    • Yea, you should go out and celebrate tonight since lately there are many restaurants who advertised special such as two can eat in Olive Garden for $25, including 2 entrees plus 1 (appetizer or dessert).

      Do you know why there are so many specials?

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      • You are such a donkey clown Jadedlover. With your multiple ID's as wiseman and others. You have no credibility and have limited intelligence. You try fear mongering about inflation then you post this garbage. I believe you are a socialist psychopath. The answer to your fiendishly childish question is that Olive Garden's and other's are always trying to capture market share to compete or destroy their competitors. Olive Gardens has been running promotions like this one for years. It is also a great way for them to attract future customers during poor economic times.
        I suggest those who are invested in PSEC or those currently looking to invest look at the management teams bio's. PSEC's NAV can and will grow over time imo, but those monies are being paid back to you as dividends. Most of their loans can be paid back faster with no penalty, and are taken off their books, this is called unrealized depreciation, and will hurt NAV. I currently have no position in the markets as I have decided to take my money and triple my companies size in the next year, going from employing 15 to 45. Please understand Jadedlover is a donkey clown,as he has stated twice now that he will not give his advise for free to us any more. Lol,

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