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  • papeyawn13 papeyawn13 Mar 24, 2013 12:12 PM Flag

    Why do bashers hang around here insisting they're not shorts?


    What a crockacrap. If you don't own the stock and you're not a short , what is your purpose here? Good Samaritans warning the dummies just out of sheer kindness? Ha ha ha. More likely you used to be a PSEC employee and got fired for incompetence.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • It is more likely because of money or why really would you be here.

    • I wonder if this pape yawn, rl beard and the One penny are the same person because their stupid messages infested this whole message board day and night to the point that it is just sickening because their garbage messages served no purpose whatsoever. When a message board attracted all these garbage investors, it would be a good time to retreat because it does not speak well for the future of the stock.

    • there are many reasons that bashers hang around
      1) they are short
      2) they are disgruntled ex employees
      3) they are good samaritans and I would not rule this out
      4) they have an interest in this stock but not at this level
      5) they are permabears
      6) they just like to stir #$%$ and it is an active board

      I find that with the exception of crude posters that they can cause an enlightening conversation pro and con and so some serve purposes to open your mind to all thoughts to see if your premise for getting in is accurate.
      Personally I ignore all abusive posters as I do not like vulgarity or teenager type attitudes.

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