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  • jadelover888888888 jadelover888888888 Apr 25, 2013 12:02 PM Flag

    A bunch of vulgar greedy losers

    It is all right to disagree with others and there is an ignore button you can easily press to avoid reading any future messages posted by anybody you abhor. Yet many of these so called PSEC loyalists and pumpers kept pumping PSEC to the point that it really resembles a pyramid scheme. They attacked anybody who dared to oppose them even with some very vulgar languages. There were so much hatred and vindictiveness in the languages used by them, that only reflected what types of people they truly are. Do I really want to own a stock that was so loved by them? Heck, NO.

    Another strange thing is they only seemed to pump and buy PSEC when it went up and all went under cover when PSEC recently dropped to 10.35. I did not hear any of them bragging they had bought more. They all jumped ship when the going was bad? Yet they said they loved PSEC? It is almost like everybody loves a winning sport team but when the team starts losing, everybody starts leaving. These people called themselves investors? Give me a break, that is simply hilarious!!

    Did they not see that both T (AT&T) and PG (Protcer & Gamble) dropped more than 5% yesterday, in a single day? Do they understand what this means?

    Did they not know that the amount of marginal debts (used to buy stocks) had recently reached a level that is almost as high as that on July, 2007?

    Had they not seen that despite today is the day before the ex-div date of PSEC, yet PSEC failed to reach $11 despite the overall market went up? Of course, it is still possible that PSEC may reach $11 today, but if that happens, I bet a lot of SMART investors will start dumping it, forsaking the 11 cent FAT dividend because they know very well that it will certainly starts dropping on and after tomorrow, probably lose more than 2 or more months' of their dividends. It is funny that greed covered the eyes of these greedy and vulgar people who so busy running their filthy months in insulting others. Pay back time will soon be here!

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    • You have been spewing to "BUY BELOW BOOK" for months, yet every time it drops you simply post more end of the world stories.

      Here is your brief list

      1. Election
      2. Fiscal Cliff
      3. Obama care
      4. Sequester
      5. Europe
      6. China
      7. Cyprus

      Also be very careful tossing around your "Pyramid Scheme" this is LiBEL and you can be subject to litigation.

      This is a more highly regulated company than most due to the RIC status. Get an education and perhaps you will cease being paralyzed by fear, uncertainty and doubt.

    • You point to PG dropping what about CL Colgate going up. They are allot alike. EVERYDAY ONE STOCK GOES UP ONE GOES DOWN. That is how the market works.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Dang Jade, take a deep breath and settle down. This is investing (or trading or speculating) not religion. If you want to buy and hold that's fine with me. I just made double the dividend on this month's PSEC swing trade and nearly got triple the div. last month. Maybe next month I'll get whacked but that's the game. There are plenty of reasons to get bent out of shape in this life, but a dumb old stock isn't one of them.

    • as previously stated, jade, the stock rallies after exdividend more often than it goes down almost 2 to 1 over last 11 dividends, I didn't go back further.

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