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  • papeyawn13 papeyawn13 May 9, 2013 6:21 AM Flag

    rlbeard: Good luck on finding a bank or title co. to act as escrow agent for a wager.

    The feds would be all over that. You might find one that doesn't know the law but I doubt it.

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    • might I add thanks for not letting him know that til his time was up so that he couldn't bluff about that. It was fun pulling his chain

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      • Why are you being such an ***?
        I stand by my words 100% and your the jack that bluffed not me. This was not a game for me. I believe in Prospect and have significant capital vested here.

        You balked at shorting yet would throw down a million plus to win a 1200/bet?
        You were scared to pay pennies in interest yet play in 50k lots of AAPL option spreads?

        Please drop it, I am real, my challenge was REAL and LEGAL

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • it doesn't really matter does it since he wouldn't do the bet. I called and he folded. I am too trust an individual on a message board to pay off on a bet, yeah, I keep my word more than anyone I know and I wouldn't trust me if I were him because he doesnt really know me. I knew it was BLOW and that he wouldn't come up with the money when pressed. I would have bet even more on that. Now me I would have in an instant and I would have spent a lot of money driving the price down on the last day to win the bet even if I had to sell 200k shares in the last few minutes to do so. There are people on this board with that capability whether you want to believe it or not. He is a small player and makes the comments to prove it I play a lot of poker and can usually pick out the bluffers a large part of the time. It is just whether they are bluffing at that moment that is real key. I gave him my email and he never emailed he kept talking but never put up. I have friends in the title business that would have held it not necessarily in the title co but they would have followed the instructions. But you are right except for possibly in the state of Nevada. You would be surprised how many don't know the law. I have had 8 major title errors in my life that were easily ascertainable had they really done their searches. I do an average of 10 to 15 real estate deals a year. You would be surprised at how some title cos are so sloppy and people never catch them. all the way to loans not paid off that are recorded, to improper legals, I got a title for 120 acres in addition to the 80 I bought last yr and they recorded it. Another title person told me about the mistake the week after recording, still working that out with the real estate firm and title co. My request is that they provide me with a survey of what I do own, they were suppose to have given me a legal description to start with as it was farm ground. The 120 acres is owned by a friend of mine

    • How do you know he did not own his own title company? I will trust him more than that dog.

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