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  • jadelover888888888 jadelover888888888 May 13, 2013 10:34 PM Flag

    They are so AFRAID

    to see their beloved PSEC drops because deep inside they know it will happen....

    There are a lot of important announcements to be made this week and PSEC may very well drop sooner than later.....If FFC and FLC, two pref. stock CEFs dropped big time in these past few days, a good floater PPR dropped big today, both gold and oil dropped, PSEC will drop...

    Instant tried to humor you all by saying PSEC will go up to 11.30, which Tuesday? Tomorrow? I know he is joking. Right now, MTGE has become a much better long term buy and hold than PSEC.

    There are so many vulgar pumpers in this board, making PSEC the BDC being owned by the highest number of con men. The funny thing is none of them is buying. One said he already had enough. Enough? Nobody seems to believe they have enough AAPL when it continued to rise. In one recent investment conference, the speaker asked how many people owned AAPL, everybody raised their hands. Now, nobody seems to want to own it, saying it is overpriced and will continue to tank. It actually went up.

    So make up your minds, pumpers, is PSEC still a great buy? Or just a HOLD? Or a sell?

    If a stock who will pay me a 12% dividend and will not go down, I will invest 100% in this one single stock and just collect my FAT dividend just like all of your con men did. Unfortunately, there is really NO free lunch, the chance of PSEC drops 10% in the next 12 months is quite high, that will mean after 1 year, my net return will only be 2% or less because part of these dividends are return of capital and may have to pay taxes.

    I really feel sorry for some of you because you are so busy in creating innovative ways to insult me and no one of you really put money where you mouth is, telling me you have continued to buy more shares of PSEC and explain to everybody why it is such a GREAT BDC.

    Allow me to repeat:

    PSEC will drop to or below 10.50 in the next three months. You see, if I continue to repeat this, may be you will even believe it. LOL

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    • mich777 May 14, 2013 8:35 PM Flag

      Why do you folks keep replying to this person?? stocks go up, stocks go down. Obviously he or she lost ther #$%$ and are is a bitter, bitter person. Hit ignore. Maybe it will go away.

    • The 'DROP' has been an ongoing thing for 5 years, that I know of. KCAP is still kicking PSEC in the rear. Giving up gain for dividend is stupid when you can have BOTH!!

      Sentiment: Sell

      • 2 Replies to kennybear4738
      • Wonder where Kennybear4738 is today?
        Hmm kcap slammed back down to closer to book.

        Looks like PSEC was a better choice, as the PPS has a much better beta.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Yea, in that you are correct. KCAP did kick PSEC ....... Sell PSEC and buy KCAP.

        I just did a quick research, using today's closing price (5/14/13):
        PSEC 10.93 KCAP 11.17
        Five years ago, their adjusted close prices:
        5/15/2008 PSEC 8.34 KCAP 5.72
        That means if you bought both five years ago, hold it till today:
        Total return: PSEC 31.06% KCAP 95.28%
        Annual return: PSEC 6.21% KCAP 19.06%
        (*For you pumpers, to hold PSEC for five years with only a 6.21% annual return despite its high yield.
        Goodness, you all must be easily satisfied. LOL)

        Four years ago, their adjusted close prices:
        5/15/2009 PSEC 5.93 KCAP 2.49
        Total return: PSEC 84.32% KCAP 348.59%
        Annual return: PSEC 21.08% KCAP 87.15%
        Again, KCAP has four times as high an annual gain than that of PSEC.

        I found it indeed astounding myself. Again, may be you all should sell PSEC and buy KCAP.

        I believe the longer you hold on to PSEC, the lower your annual return will be, guaranteed!!!

    • jade on another site you said you would enjoy bringing PSEC down it would be your pleasure you said! How is it going for you? bringing PSEC down that is? Why do you want it down? I did not want to repost your coments here but do i need to?

      Sentiment: Buy

    • PSEC is up nicely today..........

    • It's so heartwarming that you feel sorry for "some of us". But you needn't be so concerned. For example, in my case, my two percent unrealized loss on PSEC is more than offset by my twenty-five percent unrealized gain on PFLT.

      BTW, I'm not buying any more of PFLT either. I have enough of both. Apparently, you don't have a clue about diversification. You're so farghing dumb you think we should put all our money in one stock just to show that we "believe" in it. There's no reasoning with stupidity of that magnitude.

      I don't feel a bit sorry for you...or any other sick fk like you.

    • Essentially I have collected the dividend, the stock has APPRECIATED from where I purchased and all you have done is LOST MONEY. Not by being in this but by BEING ON THE SIDELINE.

      We are all going to CABO, you keep sitting on your hands, you have been preaching the crash since dow 12k

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Instead of so busy running your mouth, you should find this article "The golden canary in the coalmine" in Seeking Alpha, may be you will understand what is going to happen.

      • 2 Replies to jadelover888888888
      • Jadeliar, I thought you said we shouldn't listen to analysts. Actually that's one time I agree with you. But then why are you pumping an article in Seeking Alpha? When did SA become the source of all wisdom?

        You ridiculous piece of merde.

      • Two Market Extremes To Be Aware Of
        Joshua M Brown
        May 10th, 2013
        "When people cite things like the AAII poll or even institutional investors's surveys, I click off the TV. Just kidding, it's not on to begin with. But seriously, I don't give a #$%$ what people say they're doing, I pay attention to what they're actually doing.

        The Sicilians say "Watch what they do, not what they say." They also say Asini, donni e voi, nun t’alluntanari di li toi, or “Don’t go far away from your donkeys, women and oxen”. Which is fairly sexist, but we'll worry about that later.

        Anyway, let's just acknowledge the fact that margin debt is reaching extreme levels and just think about it psychologically - we don't have to have a debate about whether or not this is an actionable signal.

        Here's the WSJ:
        As of the end of March, the most recent data available, investors had $379.5 billion of margin debt at New York Stock Exchange member firms, according to the Big Board.

        That is just shy of the record $381.4 billion in margin debt set in July 2007.

        In March, the level of margin debt stood 28% higher than one year earlier, a time frame that saw the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index rise 11.4%.

        The fear is that as more investors rely on money borrowed against stocks, any significant fall in stock prices will be magnified if investors are forced to sell securities to raise cash and meet margin requirements.

        And then let's briefly mention the extremes in market internals - a whopping 89% of the S&P 500 sits above its 200-day moving average. Again, let's just be aware of this, we don't have to debate it as a timing mechanism:"

    • And when it gets down to $10.50 or less, I am looking forward to the buying opportunity. And if FSC gets that low as well, I will buy more of that too.

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