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  • hillarys_c.ankles hillarys_c.ankles Jun 3, 2013 4:50 PM Flag

    Jade, it's uncanny how you can catch those bottoms....

    Now pardon me if I gufffaw.

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    • it wasn't the bottom the bottom was 10.17 and it was there for 45 minutes and it was easily spottable, he also posted at the time it was trading there and not several hrs later. You really should check details before you choke on your words. The 10.17 was mostly sales and to buy was easier at 10.18. I hit that number while I was fishing, so glad I didn't put it in a cent lower. but I said I would if it went below 10.20 when I bought at 10.44 several days before. You need to guffaw where needed and apologize where needed and give credit where due. I learned a long time ago to learn what you can from everyone whether you like them or not. Still waiting to learn from you though. Go check it out and tell him he did a good deal, he has also stated where he plans on getting out. Me I will only give general area as I don't like to publish exact point til I pull the trigger. I don't even like to let the market makers know and never do stop loss orders.

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      • OK, the bottom wasn't $10.18; it was $10.17. What a huge difference. Most sane people would say he caught the bottom...if he actually bought anything. Why do you keep defending that baffoon? Are you a butt-bud?

        Message board talk is so easy. Show me the proof. SHOW ME THE PROOF.

        .You imply that you and he KNEW that was the bottom. And how, pray tell, did you know this? Next question: The fraud has been telling us for weeks that anyone in this stock will go broke. NOW he's a buyer? Of a stock that's going under? How stupid do the two of you think we are?

        By the way, read the board. I'm not the only one here who thinks he's fulla bulla.

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