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  • eagles123 eagles123 Sep 9, 2013 1:27 PM Flag

    Jade, you told people to sell at 10 bucks

    Your fear mongering has led you to miss out on about 6 months of dividends and over 10% capital appreciation. I've told you that this stock is a long term hold and that long term holders will win over a buy and sell strategy. What I find amusing is you keep telling to sell at higher and higher prices.

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    • Yea, you are so smart, judging by what you said,]
      "He's been claiming for years that NLY is the better investment and tried to justify the recent collapse of AGNC. However, on a point basis NLY has performed worst in the past 2 years. For NLY, the drop was about 34% if you assume a cost basis of about 31. For NLY the decline was about 35% assuming a cost basis of 16.5. Therefore, both have declined about the same percentage. In addidion , those who have held on to AGNC for the last two years has had the higher dividend by about 5% annually. Jonka, for all of your bantering and comparisons has proven that in the end, you knowledge didn't help. But the macro factors matters more. Your simple reply I predict will be: "Lets see which performs better long term" which to me would be a copout reply that can be argued anytime . My reply to that is that we've waited over two years already. The results are already in"

      I guess you still have a bunch of AGNC? Wow, what a smart genius. And a bunch of SLRC. You probably should have sold both of them, they will soon tank again. LOL

    • He is getting murdered by all his short ETF positions. Those are levered 2-3x so when you see triple digit dow days he is drowning in tears

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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