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  • megoodtime megoodtime Jun 4, 2007 3:27 AM Flag

    How much is "MTE" worth in 30 days?

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    This voting Poll is dedicated to this stock only. Please only vote if you are familiar with this stock. I'm trying to collect realistic statistics from investors/traders who know about this stock. Sharing your knowledge can help educate other investors to be as successful as you are.

    Thank you in advance.

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    • I heard that its going to delist from nyse. Please share any information regardiing delisting.I have lot of mtnl shares.

    • I don't know in 30 days but it's worth $28 in 30 months>>> I invest for long term... put it away and check back in 2 years...

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      • Finally an investor who still maintains the real value of investing in the stock market- the market was historically the way people saw that their money grew-stocks were bought to hold with the expectation that investment would grow-in the last ten years-no common sense about money applies. the markets have become nothing more than casino gambling-starting in the 90's-companies losing millions of dollars a year, selling in the multi hundreds of dollars per share-then day trading- then institutional day trading.. then fraudulent press releases through emails..then..insanity and enormous price drops of share prices of good is the only safe route one percent in the bank? its bad for those of us who thought investing was to keep up with inflation, grow ones money, and feel relatively safe without having to check daily to see if you have lost half of your money. each day im thinking the mattress might be the solution. but i digress- will this company ever reflect a real share price? is india competing with china for loss of value in share prices for no reason? been there done that in china-dont really want to travel that road again.

    • MTE: Calculated value.....$10.00

    • $11.50 in 30 to 60 days

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      • This stock has a long way to go. It is one of the companies that is in the right place at the right time. The growth in India is incredible and Mahanagar has the infrastructure to support the growth. Of course the company will need to expand their infrastructure to keep up with demand but I like their growth plan. They offer landlines, wireless, call services, and Internet. This company should provide a good growth story.

    • I started a voting poll to see what people think how much this company will be worth within the next 30 to 60 days, please share your vote so that my visitors can see. You can also leave a comment along with your vote.

      To vote please goto:

      I'm very interested to see what people think how much this company is worth, so please help me out and help out my visitors by recommending this link whenever you post on discussion forums in other message boards or you can use it as your footer for your emails, ect..

      Here is my goal: To educate the public (investors/traders), my visitors are very eager to see what other investors/traders think about this company. My visitors are investors that have millions of dollars to invest but before they do, they are very interested in knowing what other investors think about this stock. Your input and comments are always welcome.

      Sharing your knowledge can help educate other investors to be as successful as you are.

      Thank you in advance.

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