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  • mrmacgul mrmacgul Nov 4, 2004 3:19 PM Flag

    Breaking down

    Not looking good here. On a big day for all the exchanges, we're heading down. If it stays where it's at, it will have broken down through its recent upward trendline.

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    • BRLI has been improving technically for a while, now up 3% on a down market day, hopefully this is a real sign of good things to come!

    • in many stocks I have followed it seems the third run at a point of resistance is the one that finally breaks thru! Options expiration next week could be when 17's are realized. Last Nov was very strong for BRLI, ready for history to repeat itself.

      Driving Greenzorrow crazier than an outhouse rat!!

    • Although volume is still low, the price went through the resistance at 14.60 (many ask orders were there) quite strongly today. Impressive accumulation going on for several weeks.

    • It's amazing how denial still works in the therapy sessions. Thus, I am reading that many senior citizens in Florida are in a depression and in therapy sesssions as they cannot digest the Bush victory. Here is the scenario that I see for Florida geezers and BRLI holders:

      Geezer/BRLI momo: I need help, I can't cope with the results. How long will my therapy take?

      Shrink: When does your insurance expire?

      Geezer/BRLI momo: February 2005

      Shrink: Yes, I can cure you and it will take about 3 months.

      Geezer/BRLI momo; But will I be really cured and not care about Greenzorrow or Bush?

      Shrink: Yes, of course. I will channell your thoughts to Hilary in 2008 and Greenzorrow's retirement party.

      Geezer/BRLI momo: When can I start therapy?

      Shrink: Now, your credit card charge has been approved. I need to take X-Rays, blood and urine samples, and my uncle Seymour, the chiroquack, will crack your back.....don't worry, geezers, I will bill Medicare.

    • Please don't leave the board greenman, you provide a little comic relief during this basing period.
      "losers on this sight" - most have bought in the $5 and under range and I kinda doubt they're too worried, but are laughing.
      "deadcat bounce" - I'm still laughing. A 31% deadcat bounce! You've gotta read 'Investing 101." On second thought, please don't, I enjoy the laugh.
      "swing trade from the UBS call" - you're killing me. By the way has the meeting ended and the big slide begun?? Or is this one of those 2 month meetings?
      Compare DGX and GENZ with BRLI - on third thought maybe you better read "Investing 101."
      "Eventually there will be another market adjustment on the downside"
      .. and then on the upside, and then on the downside, and then .... You get the point. Your crystal ball is truly amazing.
      I do hope your afternoon tennis lessons are going well, and for all those who have followed the greenman's advice to SELL at $10.68, there is always tennis.

    • It is amazing how the losers on this sight justify their positions with fairy tales. One said that he lost all the way to the 10s and in hindsight happened to buy more shares at the bottom. Yeah. Others seee a nice pattern from a dead cat bounce. Yeah. This must be new therapy from thier shrinks who say that there are no losing postions only opportunities. Yeah.

      Fact is that the momos and day traders got nailed 10 points on my short and I even showed them how to swing trade for profits via the UBS call. BRLI is overpriced on a p/e basis relative to DGX and GENZ who will eat BRLI's lunch. Eventually, there will be another market adjustment on the downside.Meanwhile, for entertainment, one can read the therapy sessions of the day trading losers on this site. Oh yeah, their shrinks now say that Bush did not win, Kerry lost. Oh, sure...for $300 an hour there were no winners or losers, just participants, same as in BRLI.

    • I originally bought this stock as a long term investment. So when, to my dismay, it fell to $10.90, I bought 1K more shares which proved a good move. Now 'Market Edge Second Opinion', for example, has BRLI rated a technically 'Strong Buy'. But it's still moving at a snales pace so it appears that only the extremely patient are going to manage to realize a nice profit down the road. By the way, is that a cup and handle forming on the end of the stockchart you posted?

    • Seems to have suppport around $14. Im a long term investor who'se holding out for some trend or news that will vault the stock up into the 20's. Perhaps a takeover? Seems to be a good stock that's spinning it's wheels. I guess patience is a virtue with this one.

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      • I have to agree with proffrrw and butikofer. The stock seems just about ready for a breakout. The 50 dma is starting to turn and cross the 200 dma, a bullish sign. We've found support at the 200 dma. Fundamentals are good, and the economy seems to be picking up. My only concern is also about the volume. I just hope this is what O'Neil refers to as shaking out the last weak hands before the breakout.

    • The chart shows the price being well supported by the 50d EMA. The daily price swings are tight. Volume, though still weak, has picked up slightly of late. ("Volume precedes price.") Bollinger Bands say the next move should be to the upside. Certainly it may breakdown, but all signs are positive for longs IMO. The longer it can consolidate here the better. Patience is very prudent right now. All my opinion only.,uu[m,a]daclyyay[pc50!c200][vc60

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