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  • osak osak Dec 20, 1997 1:46 AM Flag

    Computer suggestions

    **Off topic**
    Just got home from college. Going to buy a Micron PC from the showroom. Any suggestions? Keep in mind that I want to get through fours years with the same computer and am on a budget of $1900.

    Also, does anyone know if Micron lets you subtract stuff like speakers from the systems? I already own a nice set of Cambridge Soundworks speakers.


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    • In Sep I had to buy my son, a 2nd year at Ga Tech (you should recognize it, MIT is the GaTech of the North) a box from a one man shop near our house. He buys the components smart and assembles them and burns system in himself.

      CPU is a Cyrix 166 works like the Pentium II but generally faster for a similar rating, 166 moves like a 233. With 6 Gb and T10 ethernet card, 15" whatever top resolution monitor was at the time, and the usual stuff, price was about $1,700. Tech prices on software are cheap enough that you should likely be able to top it off within $1,900. Runs Autocad like a champ, etc.

      If you really want to max out the price performance you can probably find a similar shop near you. You do need to know enough to decide if you trust the guy. My source is a Chinese gentleman who is in partnership with his wife. Been using them for more than a year. They do service what they sell but I have to carry it in to them.

      Good luck!

    • Since you are going to the show room, they have some really good buys. There are some which for what ever reason were returned, either people upgraded further or thought they had a problem. They have full warrantys. They should let you configure it however you want. They have a shop in the showroom and they are really good. You should be able to get a great system for that $.