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  • j4664s j4664s Jul 16, 2008 10:07 AM Flag

    I should have listened


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    • Now that SLGLF has returned to 0.02 and shows all indications of rising a lot further, maybe you really should listen.

      I told you about the overreaction to news. Reread it.

      There is nothing wrong with SLGLF except for a some what cynical and misguided blogOsphere following.

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      • After free fall, there is almost always a recovery period, and then once people are bored watching the paint dry, down it goes even further, which is where i hope to buy. In this case It might not happen, These skunks could easily have engineered this fall to buy personally. There is gold there, and this is the season where I would assume they are poking around looking for it. maby they found something and used the come clean method to accumulate cheap. long shot of course. but they are crafty bad men.

    • Why dump now? I see the price tumbled to 0.018 levels.

      The release today from SLGLF only took back some news filings on Gold operations, and put the Green Fuel business in perspective.

      The statements repeated about how nothing may happen etc. are an exaggeration because of the BCSC. A Safe Harbor statement in PRs also includes the necessary wording for "forward based predictions" that cover it with the US SEC.

      Perhaps in British Columbia they also have to use the Queens English.

      On Gold however, I haven't followed it much lately. We do know at Nolan they do have Gold and Antimony. They appear to work year round, and are constantly bringing some amounts of gold and antimony out of the mine.

      These reports that were retracted were simply not written correctly.

      Then they announced they will all be done correctly and with a qualified person in charge.

      I haven't looked into who wrote their original reports on "possible findings". It was one of those people you hire as a consultant.

      Could it be that Silverado (Gary Anselmo) was skunked by an overly ambitious writer of these reports without knowing it?

      Me thinks that is the case.

      So far there appears to be no US SEC investigation on SLGLF.

      The BCSC cease trade order only applies to Vancouver, British Columbia.


      I'm thinking this is an EXCELLENT time to buy in to SLGLF.

      When the correct Gold reports come out, things will go up again.

      As for Green Fuel, there are too many parameters. We did get earlier in the year the PR that they switched from a Demo Plant to a Commercial Plant. The timing is right in the USA for Commercial capabilities.

      So they are going to need a bigger allocation of space to build, and a good deal on lignite supplies, etc.


      Their process is one that recirculates water, and doesn't create waste water to be processed before it goes into rivers or whereever.

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