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  • justjess101 justjess101 Dec 23, 2013 10:07 AM Flag

    equity markets are HISTORICALLY overbot

    virtually everyone in the equity markets thinks that they can exit and maintain their profits. that is a dangerous, dangerous situation my friends. while i love UPL, i am VERY nervous.

    frankly, i think that the US is gonna default and trigger chaos. think about it. prior to filing bankruptcy, what would YOU do? you would run up your credit cards because you KNOW you aint pay them back.

    the government is gonna do the exact same thing, under the cover of a dysfunctional congress, all pointing fingers at the other one will be to blame.

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    • It is literally impossible for the government to default.. full monetary sovereignty. . You really are a douche..

    • The US will default? Buy canned food my friend. Gold is collapsing and the US is going to default? Your crystal ball is seriously messed up. The US and the developed world is inflating all the debt away they accumulated over the last 3-4 decades. The consequences are that the poor and middle class will continue to get hit while the wealthy get wealthier (No I am not a democrat or a liberal: conservative libertarian actually). The FED and central banks own most of their own countries debt so there is no big debt bomb coming. The advantage of all the central banks devaluing at the same time is that no one's currency collapses because they are all being devalued against each other. All it does is inflate asset prices without causing "inflation" as measured by CPI. But assets rise and who owns assets? The rich! Yes, there will be a bear market and the average bear market is -37% but it will likely occur because of a normal economic cycle where earning drop 20% and PEs contract 20%/ Like magic you have a 35%-40% bear market without a financial catastrophe. It is frustrating at this point to continue to hear all the talk about financial collapse, etc. It is nonsense. Not saying it can't happen but saying it is VERY unlikely. 2008 is so fresh in people's minds still that they just have to believe it will happen again, SOON!

      Good luck to those underinvested or in cash. It sucks and timing the market is a #$%$. And yes when the market get's whacked there will be "I told you so's" but that same investor will stay out just as they are still underinvested or out of the market since 2009 or have gotten out in 2010 or 2011 because the market just can't go any higher because "The FED is the only reason the market goes up" or "PE's are too high" or "The dollar will collapse" It will always be the same story. Average investors is worth so much less than they could be.

    • Next thing you'll be telling us that the US was actually behind 9/11. Nonsense!!! Market spent much of the year "overbought." It will finish the year at a high and continue to run in January. It will probably correct after hitting S&P 1900. By the way, if UPL were highly correlated to the market, it would have done well in 2013! UPL could do OK even in a declining market if natural gas is firm.

    • so this poster JUSTJESS101 is telling us HIS SHORT FAILED !!!

    • shut up... the stock market did nothing for almost 14 yrs!!!! S&P 500 earnings were 56 in 2000 and 82 in 2007.. this year over 112... double 2000 and forty percent greater than 2007.. through in lower interest rates and you have a market that can still run.. PLUS, a lot of tea baggin punks that missed the run-up do to the 'helicopter-Ben, water-cooler-talk' BS....

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