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  • uplinvestor uplinvestor Jun 26, 2014 8:15 AM Flag

    Chico the spammer can't lose!

    If UPL goes up he benefits because he bought at 18, 3 years ago when UPL was trading in the 30s. How is that possible you might ask. He gets discounted shares. He is special. Also, none of us losers have shares in UPL

    If UPL goes down, he benefits. He told us that it would happen. We lose because we bought shares in the 30-50 range.

    So, if it goes down, the rest of us losers have shares and he doesn't. If it goes up, we lose because we don't have shares and he has shares at 18.

    So, he can't lose. We lose as we are all losers.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I would just ignore him....I am heavily invested in UPL and wont sell a single share until its in the 40's..In this for next 1-3 years...Been in it for about the past 18 months.......D

    • Sorry I can't comment as Chico is long since on ignore. I have been traveling and busy so havne't posted much lately, but two quick comments.
      You are spot on for Chico (amazing he keeps posting), but if you and a few others hit ignore, then hopefully there will be no one left to respond to him and he may eventually move on. If not, he is talking to himself.
      Second comment. We need good posters like you, which is why we need to ignore chico! LT we are in great position. No guarantees, but I love that many of us have built positions in high teens and low twenties. Long and strong.

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      • I own a ton of UPL and accumulated it between the teens and low 20's.....I think Mike Watford is one of the best in the business. Each time I listen to their conference call it only builds my confidence. He is very savvy and humble..No hype, etc....Great company to be in and like I said, I would not entertain selling a single share until its well into the 40's....And I am betting when it finally gets to that point the traction / momentum will build...But I am a realist...I am not expecting this in the next month or two- I am looking out 6 more months to 3 years.....By then I am betting the ports will be completed, NG will be exported, and the NG prices will be closer to more historic norms....Now of course I could be dead wrong...Like everything else in this game its always risk vs reward....D

    • I would just ignore him....I am heavily invested in UPL and wont sell a single share until its in the 40's..In this for next 1-3 years...Been in it for about the past 18 months.......D

    • I posted my buy date early want my etrade bet my life you own no shares...

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      • And by the way, I am definitely not going to post anything from my E Trade, UBS, Fidelity, or Schwab accounts - that has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard of...To prove what? That I am not a spammer, that I own X amount of shares? People with lots of money, investments, are private and don't post anything of the sort.....But I am glad you are a proud owner of so much UPL....Great...
        please feel free to post your holdings/portfolio for all to see. Personally , and I am not speaking for anyone else, I don't care if you have one share or ten million.....D

      • Chico...Or whoever you are...I could care less if you think I don't own any shares.. I don't care if you think I am a spammer, an idiot, a fake, etc.. What is important to me is what I know to be real and how much money I make. Believe what you want ,,,,,its a free internet....D

    • I was feeling like a winner until I read some of Chico's posts. Then, I started to feel like a spammer and a loser. However, I checked my account today and now I'm back to feeling like a winner. Chico the great will carry us to the promised land.

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